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I absolutely loved all of my teachers and feel I received a great education from my school. Without the help of my incredible teachers, I would absolutely not have been able to go to college. I am very thankful for all of my teachers, especially the many who wrote letters of recommendation for me when I was applying to schools!
I like all of the people and the teachers and I had an overall good experience. The teachers taught me not only what they were supposed to, but I also learned a lot of valuable life lessons. I feel prepared for the next chapter in my life.
The guidance staff were not helpful with college readiness. Other than that and being extremely bias toward the best, the school was okay.
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Teachers are amazing! Each and every teacher and staff member genuinely cares for your wellbeing and future and are more than willing to spend extra time with you if you are able to put in the work.
Now I don’t know if this is because of my usual small social group, but I do notice that there is less bullying (or at least a lesser tolerance for it) at Huron High School.
My experience at Huron High School was excellent. The teachers at Huron are great and does their job very well! The student body their has so much spirit about sports and everyone is very nice! I have created many memories at Huron High School with staff and students throughout the school! I would like for Huron to upgrade the bathrooms and get A/C other then that it's a excellent school. I will definitely miss it.
Huron High School is a small yet mighty school. Our school only has two hallways but we have at about 120 or so per grade. Our administration is awesome and really takes care of the students. We're extremely lucky to have what we call the "tiger union" which is a hangout area that juniors and seniors can go to during their study halls. The teachers really support other students and encourage us to do well not only in the classroom but outside of the classroom in sports and outside activities. I always have administration rooting for me and always asking me how things are going which is such a great feeling being personable with administration at my school.
I have enjoyed all four years of my high school career. What I liked the most about Huron High School were the teachers. Every teacher that I have had has challenged me and has made me think critically. I feel like they did an excellent job of preparing me for college. Not only did the teachers prepare me for college. They also showed that they cared about all of their students, and gave me a very personal connection with all of them
Bullying is never an issue. When you walk through the front doors you're never worried about what could possibly happen. We have a well-trained police system. We don't have a high school nurse, only at the elementary school.
We have a very successful volleyball team who has won state a countless amount of times. Our boys basketball, football, and baseball teams are one of the best in the area. Although the girls sports aren't very dominating, they perform very well individually with the talent they have
I love the fact I go to a smaller school so everybody is more involved and you're able to develop many close relationships with coaches, teachers, and students. My school creates a very positive environment and I wouldn't want it any other way. The only thing I would change is creating more electives for students to take
I've been able to develop many close relationships with teachers
The one thing Huron does the best is offer college classes at the high school.
Just recently, the school has placed the security measure of main doors with a buzz and camera system. However, the majority of the time, if someone buzzes in, the staff lets them in without looking at the camera.
I would prefer more active clubs and organizations. We have very few after school clubs. They are not very diverse.
Of all the teachers at Huron High School, most are average. Only a few go above and beyond of the students.
I have been to many schools in the past, but this is by far my favorite. The teachers treat every student with respect and gives them the attention they need. Students here are willing to go all out to make sure others are happy. When one of our students was in the hospital with cancer, there was so much done to raise money and cheer her up. Spirit videos were made and sent to her while she was in the hospital. It helped us become a lot closer as a school and community.
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Nice teachers, and some work really hard to teach the kids- Cliques are common, and bullying can happen as well. Having a good group of friends is key to reaching happiness here
The Huron High School gives a lot of different clubs and organizations to choose from and participate in. The range from the art club to jazz band to chess club to choral. Every student participating in a club or organization puts their full efforts into them and have a lot of fun doing it. The most popular have been choral and the musical that the students perform.
Most teachers just put in their 6 hour day and leave.
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