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Huron is a huge school filled with a lot of people. Being a student there has made me more sociable and confident with others. I feel as though I have learned some interesting things at Huron, however, I can't completely say it was the curriculum that taught it to me. Huron could improve some of the lesson plans for everyone to learn because some people get left behind and there aren't spaces to help them get caught up.
At Huron I felt that I was college ready by the time I graduated in 2018. There was a great atmosphere for learning and also a great diversity if culture!!
Huron High School felt like home for most of the time. Huron is very welcoming and very diverse. I enjoyed almost all of my classes, all the football and basketball games. I also got to create a club with my favorite teacher that helped me meet new people and it was a source for exchange students to make friends. The hallway monitors were my favorite because they always asked how our days were going and were always willing to help. I enjoyed the environment. There were a few things that I did not like the schedule changes. They added a seventh hour and split lunch time. I also did not like couple of the teachers that I had, they were very careless about all students. Apart from that I had some amazing teachers that I'll remember and respect forever.
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Really good education and prepared me for college very well. The teachers are very helpful and care about your success. The administration could use some work but other than that it was a very great experience.
I gave the school four stars because the school has a weird way on managing the credits of students, but the counselors are the best help you can get at school.
the programs/classes at Huron high school are really good and prepare you for college but the communication between students and teachers is not good.
Huron high school is a very good school. At some stuff it’s really good but it lacks some other stuff. Their education is really good, you are able to compete with other students and learn. You are able to choose many different classes you want to make. Some not good stuff about huron high school is their food, there food at the bringing of the year is good and fresh but as weeks go by the food just gets nasty, basically what I am trying to say is that a school weeks after school starts the food is no longer fresh. Over all is a very good school with a great academic education
I loved the high school. Filled with great teachers and very high achieving students. Sometimes there was a large gap between high achieving students and other students
Huron is a diverse school with excellent academics. The grounds are kept clean and classrooms are organized. One problem is that some teachers are way better than other teachers, and that isn't vey fair.
One of the things that I really appreciated from Huron High School is the academic challenge that it had given me. This had not only prepared me for a high-pressure college education but as well as an opportunity to appreciate hard work. Huron High School offered advanced classes that challenge the student's intellect as well as their ability to handle academic pressure. During my time at Huron, I had the pleasure to see many of my fellow students get into their dream colleges through hard work and the support the faculty members.
I think that Huron is a very good school that actually prepares you for college. All of the teachers are mostly nice and teach pretty well and the school has lots of resources for you to use at your time there. For example we have a 4 year engineering program which teaches you the fundimentals of engineering and how to properly use tools. I’ve learned how to use a 3d printer, model objects in cad, and create robots.
I would like to see more open help. Some forms of help could be tutoring, online help, or study hours.
Huron High School is very good about helping its students find opportunities and experiences in high school. However, many of the teachers do not do their best to help students achieve their highest potential.
The thing that I really loved about Huron was the diversity. I always came into Huron knowing that I could explore my options and be accepted by many different ethnicities and cultures. At the end of the day, our Huron family unites together as one, despite our many differences.
When first entering this school about a few weeks after school had already started I was extremely nervous about fitting into this amaizingly large school. But little did I know that Huron and it’s amaizing diversity, teachers and administration would welcome me with open arms and I would fit right in. Huron high school gives me along with everyone else more choices and opertunities then ones that I have been given or could imagine being given. Everyone can presume what ever it is that they want, all the way from a beautician to an engineer. Out of all my years in other schools being able to be apart of Huron high school is and probably always will be my best and most memorable experiance learning and being apart of a group. Huron high school is the reason I am who I am today and I hope to spend my last few years here the best that I possibly can.
Diverse student population makes it easy to find and make friends. Teachers are great, and there are lots of AP courses to choose from. There's a lot of clubs and sports to participate in, and just a lot of opportunities for students.
Overall, my experience at Huron has been excellent. The teachers, for the most part, are supportive and driven. They encourage their students to try their hardest and provide extra time for those who need some extra help. Huron also provides a very wide variety of courses to take from Gender Studies to AP Chemistry. If I had to choose one thing to change about Huron, it would have to be the fact that it is an IB school. I am part of the last year at Huron that is unable to obtain an IB diploma, as the school recently transferred to being an IB institute. It is frustrating that these classes are now available, but nobody in my grade will get any credit for taking these fast-paced, difficult courses.
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This school is one of the best schools in the South-East Michigan area. This school offers a variety of classes that fit the needs of all different types of students. The faculty are generally good people, and there are some excellent teachers at Huron. However, due to the fact that each student now has to have 7 classes, I feel that class time is limited an teachers do not get enough instruction time each day.
I had a great experience in this school. I met many nice and helpful students, as well as teachers who really care about your education. The programs and clubs here are very diverse and offer many students ways of spending their extra time learning and having fun. My only bad experience would be the school lunch, but otherwise, everything with this school is great.
Honestly, it's a really good school. It has its downs, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, the food, etc. But there are many classes that are very interesting and engaging, there are many sports, and there are a lot of opportunities at the school.
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