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Overall the school's main concern seems to be sports. Not many teachers actually put effort into the kids learning the material. There is little to no preparation for college. And when it comes to diversity and learning true history Hurley completely lacks in teaching skills.
I'd choose Hurley over and over again because it's a small school environment with classrooms that make you feel welcome in a sense of community. The school had many unique features, including an eighth hour study hall that places students in specific study halls depending on their grades, and can be changed periodically throughout the year. Having a smaller school allows students to feel at home and almost everyone knows everyone. Teacher's are open for help anytime or even just to talk, and student can develop closer relationships with teachers than they could at a larger school. The school deserves to take pride in their athletic and arts programs including football and band, as well as having a large woods and metals shop in the building with their own company - Northwoods Manufacturing. At Northwoods many students can learn to make more and do more hands-on than they normally could in a class. Overall I wouldn't trade this school for anything
The teachers at my school are very knowledgeable in their specific areas as well as in others. They are always available, and strive to get to know you personally as a person - they will always be able to make you laugh and can be relied upon if students need to talk. The teachers are very open to diversity and do not discriminate, and they teach in a variety of ways to keep students interested and connected to the class and their grading is fair and just.
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there are not really a lot of clubs but those that we do have are good and fun and the staff is very helpful to the kids
there is no nurse at the school, bullying is not tolerated, the doors are locked and cameras are around and in the school - I think our school is very safe and the kids are very happy
there are plenty of sports to join if your interested, there is also a great weight room and a weight lifting program. Parents and students are great supporters and some of the kids travel to many of the away games to support their friends. School spirit is everywhere. We have good sports teams and above all the kids seem to have a great time playing together
Our guidance counselor is great with the kids, she goes above and beyond and the kids love her. The school has good policies in place to help those kids that need help in any way, including tutoring during study halls for those that need the help.
the school has a very good learning environment and the kids seem very happy there
Everyone who is in sports in the school, are all very athletic and talented.
The school is getting safer, they did just include cameras around it for the security.
It could be better, for example, more choices of classes, and better teachers. But there is a few great teachers.
It isn't the best school ever, for they are very cheap. It's never warm, and is also never on. We do have a lot of technology advances in our school, however, that may be the only positive.
I have absolutely loved the Hurley School, and all the opportunities that is have provided me with. My education has been the best that I could have hoped for. The teachers constantly strive to make us all better, as students, as well as citizens. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't choose a different school if I had the choice, Hurley has made me who I am, and I wouldn't change anything. The students and the teachers are like no other!
The Hurley School is a relatively new building that has been very well taken care of over the years. The gyms are all in excellent condition, and the weight room has some of the best equipment in the surrounding area! The technology is also like no other. Every student possesses their own Mac laptop, and it is used every day in the classroom.
The teachers and courses that are at work at Hurley are some of the best in the area. Many families bring their students to Hurley because it has a reputation of being a very good school. Technology has somewhat taken over the school, and computers are used in every high school classroom. This new change in learning attracts many people, and I am very glad to call myself a student of the Hurley School District.
There have always been a wide array of after school activities, and there is always a large amount of students in them. From sports to clubs, there is always something to do, and the leaders involved always make is as fun and beneficial as possible!
Our school is very safe in my opinion, due to the security measures that have been enacted over the past few years, Cameras can be found all throughout the school, and a buzzer system has recently been put into place.
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We are a very student involved school and believe everyone has a voice. Although we are not diverse in race or ethnicity, we are diverse in the fact that every person makes their own decisions on how they peruse their goals in life. Peer pressure doesn't occur often, if at all. Us as students understand that diversity is important and respect others decisions.
Sports at my school are intense to say the least. No matter what the sport is, there is always great competition along with excellent teamwork. We have weightlifting programs that all athletes attend and that is what makes us better than the rest. We all work our hardest on and off the field and that is why we have always been a success. Another contributing factor to our greatness is our superb fan support. Whether it's a playoff game or a non conference game, it doesn't matter, our fans will always be there for support.
Every teacher at my school is highly educated in their specific department. They all have great communication skills and are all very consistent in grading. Each student is treated equally and there is never a student left behind. Our teachers are diverse in the way they teach, some lecture, some use hands-on tactics, and others even use personal experiences to better portray the subject they are instructing.
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