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Hurley High School Reviews

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This is a small town school so students and faculty are very kind to one another. There is a good closeness between students, teachers, and parents. The down side to that is not having access to a lot resources and the level of teaching needed for students to be college ready upon graduation. Many kids from this area struggle tremendously when starting college because they are not at all prepared for the situation they find themselves in.
The staff do a great job in keeping the health and safety of the students a priority.
Several sports teams are available. I am finishing up a baseball season as we speak and have truly enjoyed it.
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At my last school, there were many cliques that caused problems with students. This atmosphere is so much more relaxed and welcoming.
As a new student my Senior year, I was welcomed greatly by staff and students. The teachers have done anything possible to help me adjust.
I like in a small town, so it is a small school. Maybe like 150-200 kids tops. There really isn't much to do besides the basic classes. There are only been a few clubs recently added.
I like in a small town, where everyone knows everyone, and that is just an awesome thing! I love my school some much, we may not have the best of thing, but we make it work. Everyone is so helpful towards everyone!!
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