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Hurley High School Reviews

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The administration does not care about the students. They do not respect them as people. They are way too concerned over petty rules that rarely make sense.
At the beginning of each year, it starts out with people and teachers being involved. But the funding isn't there and it the enthusiasm fades away after a couple of months.
I would not choose this school because there is no variety. There are no options for classes. Most students are forced into the same academic experience.
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It's a very small school. The staff is able to keep track of the students. There wasn't a school nurse for years. Then finally it was the health teacher.
I did not feel prepared for the real world. Most people in the town and from the school don't want any better for themselves than what they have. A few students get the hell out of there. The rest stay there and drown for life.
Very few options. Coaches don't care much because they know their teams won't win.
There is only one option for lunch. It's unhealthy and students are unhappy and still hungry.
Most everyone is the same, narrow-minded hillbillies.
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