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A great school that offers several career & technical classes so students can get a headstart on their career or explore what they are interested in. For example, Certified Nursing Assistant, Certified Medical Assistant, Cosmetology, Computer Tech, Construction, Agriculture, Criminal Justice, and Culinary Arts are just a few of the classes that are offered.
I loved playing sports at Huntsville High because of their programs winning mentality. I would like to see the discipline for students be a little more strict.
Great school. Culture and activities were well planned and carried out. Love the instructors. The diversity prepared me for the real world and college.
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All of the teachers that I had would genuinely care for their students. They tried their hardest to teach us, their students, and make sure that we grew so we at least a little more prepared for life in college. Now the administration is not the best. If a kid got into a fight, admin would turn their heads not even giving them a day of ISS. Although, if it were a white student, they would automatically put them into ISS. The only time the admin started to crackdown was the 2018 Spring Semester once the principal was already planning to leave. The teachers within Huntsville High School are fantastic and caring, the administration on the other hand needs to be worked on.
My overall experience at Huntsville high school has been an amazing journey. The first time stepping inside of the school i knew i was going to be fine especially coming at the end of freshman year .My teachers and principal were very welcoming not only towards me but also my fellow peers . Through out the years a lot of things have changed ,for example better teachers and more opportunities for students . At my school we offer cte courses in which you can be in cosmo , criminal justice ,cna ,welding ,pharmacy tech etc . i just love how my school wants everyone to at least have a start own there on before leaving high school .Currently i have my cna license but also I'm in pharmacy tech. Knowing that I'm graduating Huntsville High School is a blessing.
My experience at Huntsville High School has been okay. There is a unbalance of dedication, and effort that's put in from the teachers. Persoanally I am in all AP classes and my teachers want the best for me, but on numerous occasions I've about experiences of my fellow classmates that make them feel like they're not being supported in the best way. There is a lack of extracurricular activities.
I enjoy it and recommend it. Way better then some other high schools I've attended. Should have higher ratings in my opinion
I would like the school to follow through on the rules. The principal is awesome. He takes care of students needs.
Huntsville High School taught me a lot. You have some teachers who actually care for you like their own child and I appreciate that the most because without them challenging me in my classes I honestly don't think my grades in my AP classes would look so good as they do.
My experience at Huntsville High School was challenging but well worth it. It was challenging based on class level (ex Pre Ap vs Regular) and the grading system which you either turn in your work on time or get 10 points deducted each day your work is late up to five days which after that, you receive a zero for your grade. Other than that, it was very competitive and the teachers were there to cheer you on. I would definitely recommend this school to a student planning on attending there.
I'm glad I was able to start off my career here. I had an amazing time playing basketball. I wish there was an ROTC program there for the students who are wanting to join the military.
The school is large and diverse with many classes not offered at other schools. The teachers seem to care about educating the students while the students maintain a relatively friendly atmosphere. But like with all big schools, there are issues with funding and destruction of property.
I would like the school to be more considerate of the students opinions so the changes made can be effective.
All of the teachers are very hit and miss. Extracurricular activities are what helped me get through school because the academics were less than satisfactory.
My overall experience with Huntsville High School was pretty decent because I enjoyed most of my experiences. I did not have too many issues with the learning criteria nor my ability to excel in my academics, so reaching out to my teachers was few and far between. Whenever I did have to ask for help, I was welcomed with assistance via tutoring during my lunch hour, or after school.

What makes this school unique is that a lot of the athletic program directors provided at the school are the parents of the students, or they are purely student-led programs. During my high school career, I was involved in choir. Several of my fellow student's parents were involved with the program, whether they were financially or physically involved (usually, the latter), and this led to the program as a whole being like a second family to the students. Many of the other programs at Huntsville High (Drama, MTB, etc) had similar occurrences.
The overall quality of the teachers at HHS is 3/5.
The larger clubs/sports definitely get more attention from the school faculty and staff, but most of the smaller organizations have a few teacher sponsors ready to help when they can.
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My experience wasn't particularly bad, but it wasn't fantastic either. School events were based more in convenience of the school and specific students instead of the entire body. Also, the security of the students needed to be improved.
The teachers are excellent when it comes to a topic they feel strongly for, however they tend to care more about the test scores rather than the overall knowledge of the students.
I feel that we need more extracurriculars and options for students to choose from
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