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My school experience with the Huntsville High school was poorly. Teachers have favorites, they sometimes forget what they are teaching us. There is still definitely discrimination and lots of bullying. They do have an awesome safety procedure. We had to use clear everything; bags, and bottles. There is a 24/7 resource officer and there is a fence around the school.
My feelings towards Huntsville High School is quite conflicting. On one hand they try their best with their amount of funding, and the teachers are (for the most part) excellent. On the other hand this school is a hell hole filled with hicks and teen pregnancy. This place looks like a prison. The most exciting thing that happens here is when someone dies. If one more student asks why my jeans have holes in them I'm going to lose my mind. We have a courtyard we don't even use. I'm so frustrated I cant even type in coherent sentences.
It's small school, but this way you get to know everyone and have a better chance to talk to teachers one on one. You have many opportunities to succeed and have fun.
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Huntsville High School was a place where students learned and completed all academics needed towards their futures. The teachers are very knowledgeable of the subjects they teach, and are very supportive in helping students prepare for college and learning the materials needed. The high school is a place where everyone can feel safe, work towards being prepared for their own future, learn how to communicate and build a bond with others, and work towards being out on their own and knowing what to do.
In my opinion I can say that it is a good school where students learn important things that teachers teach, I say this because I am a student of Mexican origin and a few months ago I came to this country to study and be able to teemate my high school. When I came to this country and started going to school this school seemed like a great school because I am learning a new language (English) so I say it is a very good school.
I really love my art class and being able to see my friends everyday. I would like to see a lot of things change, but one thing in particular is the work load. Since we started a new scheduling called Flex-mod, we don't go to all our classes everyday. So some of the teachers give us more homework, which eventually adds up to a lot of work.
All of my friends go to Huntsville, and that's where I grew up, but the school could use some work. The school had a different principal almost all four years I attended, and many changes were made that almost prevented some students from graduating. Everything ended fine, but not the best high school experience.
In the past year, Huntsville High School has experienced drastic changes. So I cannot speak for those. But there are some wonderful teachers here. The leadership just needs to change.
It was a really good school. Some teachers are biased and tend to favor some students over others and about 4/5 students don't care about school whatsoever. The academics are great but the students need to start caring more.
too sports oriented; if not an athlete you are nobody
too much teaching to the standards instead of ensuring students understand
many teachers are ready for retirement and are just biding their time so not really concerned about students
The teachers don really care, but at the same time they give a bunch of work they don't teach.
There was a cockroach in my locker.
The teachers don't really care.
The school itself is safe. The doors to all entries are locked constantly. This, however, doesn't prevent what students do. Bullying does occur, but nothing physical. We have a policeman on duty all day, but the nurse is gone for the latter half of the day. The lunch is considered healthy but the majority of students don't enjoy it.
Basically the only after school activities are sporting events. The most popular are basketball and football, but the volleyball team is recognized sometimes too and some students do attend.
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Overall, I think the school is okay. It could be better, but it gets the job done. If you try in this school, the teachers will respect you and help you anyway they can. If you don't try and just want to coast through, you'll have problems with your teachers. The new P and VP are making great changes for the school, so I think it will get even better with time. The school has added new rules that make getting good grades worth it, but I would prefer for club based things going on around the school.
Most teachers are great here. We do have a few that everybody agrees aren't the best, but overall, if you take the high road like I did, all of the AP teachers and most of the normal teachers are nice enough to help when you are struggling and are pretty good at their jobs in my opinion. I have loved all of mine so far for the past two years.
Teachers never gives us more than we can handle.
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