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Huntsville High is... unique. It is a very large and diverse school. Most the teachers are great, others not so great. Overall my experience has been average, but that's only because I was just trying to get through the whole high school thing. I'm sure it was great for those who were more socially interactive than I am. Anyway, on the whole academic thing, yes, i think that the academics were pretty good, especially AP classes. Those were no joke. The sports teams are good. I was on the volleyball team, which really helped me learn how to get out of my comfort zone.
I think that Huntsville high was overall a decent school. Although I do not truly feel prepared for college or feel like I had very much help getting there. The teachers, for the most part, are very caring and nice with a few bad apples thrown into the bunch, but the administration is sometimes absolutely no help at all and is very bad at getting right on a problem to fix it or even just responding to emails.
Overall, my experience at Huntsville High School has been great. The faculty and staff are always extremely resourceful and interested in helping their students as well as making sure they succeed. There are also many opportunities for students to pursue their interests and make connections by getting involved in clubs, varying from the sciences, the arts, and anything in between. Like any high school, Huntsville High has many areas to improve on, such as student relationships and negative peer pressure.
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I have been attending Huntsville High for all four years. Throughout the years i have found my place and my friend group. I have been involved in my own wasy and loved every minute there. Academics are strong and Huntsville High also has wonderful sport programs where everyone can be involved.
Huntsville High School is an excellent school. This is my sophomore year at this school, and i find it to be quite beneficial. The school has a large variety of classes and sports. The teachers are very helpful and the classes have their designated halls. I was nervous my first week as a freshmen, but the school is very easy to adapt to and I was no longer scared after the first few days.
I attended Huntsville High School my freshman and senior year, and the other two years I was homeschooled. I went back my senior year so I had the option to walk and graduate with my friends. I did like the environment and being with other people but the academics were not as hard as my homeschool and the teachers were not always the best.
Very entertaining school enjoyed most of it throughout my education there. Not too much to complain about loved most of it.
What I love about Huntsville High school is that all of the teachers care about their students so much. The students have so much school spirit, and the campus is really nice.
Huntsville High School presents a great environment for students to take advantage of some truly great teachers, however, like the city of Huntsville, sometimes the political climate infiltrates the school atmosphere. Additionally, it would be nice for some more money to be put into the school so that students have proper textbooks of the correct edition and subject.
My experience at Huntsville High was average at best. The teachers in some of the classes were not good teachers at all, but there were also amazing teachers that I learned a lot from. I believe that I did learn a lot while at this school, both good and bad things. I don't feel prepared at all for college and adult life, this school doesn't really seem to focus on these aspects and instead seem to focus on displaying a good image. In conclusion I wouldn't say that Huntsville High School is a bad school to go to, it excels in some areas and does horrible in other areas.
The selection of teachers is either amazing horrible, there is no in between. The school is also very unorganized. There were many many days where events were taking place and teachers had no idea on how to execute the plans. The students are often not open minded and quite prejudice. The food is awful and does not properly feed the students.
My school has a great learning environment - It allows all students to be themselves and be independent - I was allowed to take a course on line and it taught me the importance of time management - That was a real eye opener - I was able to reflect on my priorities and prepare for a college atmosphere - Our teachers are always available to direct and provide resources to ensure our success - Opportunities are there for all types of student involvement with varied interests - Parents are welcomed and encouraged to integrate into all school academics and activities - I feel so very fortunate to call Huntsville High School my high school - I have created many memories there with the inclusion of my friends, friendly environment, welcoming teachers and supportive administrators.
Huntsville High School can be a great school but it does has many drawbacks. For example, it is extremely focused on sports, but not as much on education as it should be leading to many classes not being as well taught as it could be. Another example is it is extremely strict on unimportant things like people walking in the hallways during the lunch periods and not as strict on factors like skipping actual classes.
I love the students and teachers of Huntsville High School. I have made lifelong memories and friends. They offer quality academics and lots of athletic and artistic opportunities for students. I would like to see improvements in the cleanliness of the facilities. It is rare to find paper towels in the bathrooms, and once I took a crafts class from a teacher with very limited art supplies. Overall, HHS is a very safe school, and I am proud to be a student there. We have a spirited student body, successful sports teams, and many opportunities for fun. I have had some incredibly caring and motivational teachers during my years at Huntsville High, as well.
Huntsville high is a great school. i like it because the teachers are always willing to help with anything a student need.
Huntsville High has its ups and downs. Overall I have had some excellent teachers, and I have also had some teachers that did not care. In the school there is an issue of fights and drugs. I wish students, teachers, and other administrators would crack down on this and get these issues to stop. Some of the educational electives are a four year course, and at Huntsville High they only offer the first, second, and possibly the fourth year of the Biomedical Engineering track.
I like how Huntsville High School encourages to get students involved not only in the school but around the community. Huntsville High also gives students to have hands on opportunities in class. It is overall a great school.
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It is like every average high school, but it is trying to push technology into the learning environment. However, this is a problem because the technology is very unreliable and limited to actually do any good for learning.
It was an ok school. Huntsville operates like a small town on a city scale. If you're into that, great, but it's very unpleasant if you're not. They have a lot of AP classes and they aren't horribly hard to pass (given you have a competent teacher), and there is a good amount to get involved in. Sadly it's a closed campus and their dress code rules always change, but I suppose it could have been worse.
There are good and bad things about HHS. HHS can be much better by fixing little things such as helping students when they are asked.
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