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I like how Huntsville High School encourages to get students involved not only in the school but around the community. Huntsville High also gives students to have hands on opportunities in class. It is overall a great school.
It is like every average high school, but it is trying to push technology into the learning environment. However, this is a problem because the technology is very unreliable and limited to actually do any good for learning.
It was an ok school. Huntsville operates like a small town on a city scale. If you're into that, great, but it's very unpleasant if you're not. They have a lot of AP classes and they aren't horribly hard to pass (given you have a competent teacher), and there is a good amount to get involved in. Sadly it's a closed campus and their dress code rules always change, but I suppose it could have been worse.
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There are good and bad things about HHS. HHS can be much better by fixing little things such as helping students when they are asked.
They have a lot of great teachers and a lot of great students there. However, the administration constantly messes up in terms of computers and schedules
My experience at Huntsville High was amazing. It is a school filled with diversity, you never know who you will run in to or what you will learn from them. The teachers and staff put their best foot forward in making sure the students are set for the future.
Huntsville high school has excellent facilities for students. The school has an great Advanced placement program. The sports programs excelled and ranks as one of the best in the State. The school can only through certain check points which insured that all students are safe during school hours. The lunch program insures that all students receive proper nutrition.
There are a few improvement that can be made at the school. These pertain to socioeconomic of all students and there free and reduced lunch program. Also the school needs improvement to it tutoring programs. I feel that these changes would Huntsville high school a better school.
I left to go to another school after two years there. It’s not a very welcoming environment. Although, the academics weren’t too bad.
My experience over the last 4 years at Huntsville High was a very rewarding and fulfilling one. I received very good acedemics as well as extracurricular activities through my participation in the band.
Great experience. Band was fun! Lots of challenging courses available which will prepare you for college.
Huntsville High has excellent teachers who care about helping their students succeed. Smaller class sizes and a less restrictive curriculum with greater class choices would improve the educational experience.
Huntsville high is a really good school, all the student and teachers there are great. It is very exciting and lovely the campus is beautiful.
I have been attending Huntsville High School since the 9th grade. I really like all of the resources available to the students to further their education. They administration is very knowledgeable and attentive to all the students. I have enjoy playing Basketball, Football, and running Track. I would not change anything.
Great school, most A/P classes are college prep. The diversity was better than most schools in the area although too much tension between the socio-economic classes. Safe campus, great teachers, good administrators, Parents and Most students enjoyed being a part of the school. Sports did not take precedent over the academics, Enjoy the learning environment.
All in all I have had a pretty good high school experience. Sure there have been many tears, but it’s high school. I have learned a lot, but I feel like not all of my teachers genuinely care about me. The principle and administration need to sit in and observe classes more. For the most part Huntsville High School was a good school to spend my high school career.
Huntsville High School is where I’m currently going to school and it’s a pretty nice school. The teachers are all nice and very helpful, the selection of classes available enable students to get a jump on college level classes, the campus is nice and pretty well furbished along with the new Freshmen Academy. Changes I would like to see include, more clean men’s bathrooms. The ladies bathrooms are fine, it’s just the men’s that have urine literally all over the floor. That and maybe a separate eating area for the seniors to have since we’re the top of the food chain.
The faculty and staff truly care about all students at Huntsville High School. Parents are involved in the school. The student leadership is well respected by the administration. The only critique I have is the cafeteria food.
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The school causes me depression and anxiety. It is very cliquey and stale. Few teachers are great and truly teach you something but most are either rude or don't care. The work load for students that challenge themselves is extreme and unreasonable and they are expected to cram loads of material in a short amount of time. There are racial tension issues occasionally. It isn't the worse school but i would rather not go there.
I like Mr. Swanson. The administration is more focused on superficial awards and enforcing pointless rules on teachers than they are about actual education and retaining good teachers.
The school itself has a lot of appreciated academics, but when it comes to diversity and availability of sports, things are solely affordable to the more privileged. If only racism wasn't still such a big factor in high school life.
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