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I loved the small class sizes. I was able to receive a lot of personal attention with subjects that were more difficult, such as maths and sciences. It would be more beneficial, however, for Huntsville Christian Academy to incorporate a curriculum which included more critical thinking exercises, as well as student projects, presentations, and student-led discussions. I would also like to see more attention given to preparing students for college, such as financial seminars, recruitment from local colleges and universities, career guidance, etc.
All three of my children attended and graduated from HCA. They all went on to college with scholarships. They were very well prepared for their next 4 years, as well as life. We highly recommend this school.
I went through way too much bullying at school for me to fully enjoy it, and after hitting high school, I just wanted to get out as soon as possible.

I got to college and had no idea how to study or take notes at ALL. The curriculum doesn't prepare you for college at ALL--literally all you need to do is memorize the answers to pass the tests, and I went there for all my schooling all my life so I never developed any study skills.

In all honesty, go here for like the first six years of grade school (K-6th) and then just transfer. After you start learning how to think for yourself, you won't enjoy it here as much.
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The school has very few safety issues, but when a problem arises, it is dealt with quickly.
The students get to be big fish in a small pond!
The smallness is what makes it wonderful. The teachers can help the students individually. They work with the kids one on one in the areas in which they stuggle. Our experience was wonderful.
The teachers pray for their students and genuinely love them. They are there because they love teaching.
It has taken most of my high school career to have sports at this school.
The people are friendly and share the same beliefs as me.
The schools principals, guidance counselors, and office staff are all respectable and solid.
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