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Huntley Project High School Reviews

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Throughout the years, Huntley Project has been a very good school to go to. A large majority of the staff are awesome and very helpful. There are various activities that this school has, making it a good place to go to learn and have fun. The only downside is that it is in a rural area, making travel difficult for some, especially when harsh weather hits, but that is not something that can really be changed. Huntley Project has been good to me and many other kids.
Great rural community, teachers are very knowledgeable and willing to go the extra mile for their students. Student teacher ratio is very good so you aren't just a number but actually a name and all the teachers know you not just your home room teacher. Extra cirricular activities are promoted and everyone is encouraged to participate. It is one of the most technical advanced schools in the state of Montana. They have taken the students and staff safety very serious well installing state of the art safety precautions and training the school population on what to do in certain situations.
Our students and staff are very committed to the extracurricular activities that they signed up for.
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I eat there everyday and it's great!
We take great care of our school because athletics is important. We Gabe won state volleyball 4 years in a row and are about to win it again. Our football team is pretty good our softball team made it to state last year and track is really good. We have a weights class and you can go to any of our sporting events. And most people do go.
Our school for its size is very diverse and allows everyone to be a part of everything.
We have amazing teachers and all of are classes are evenly distributed for the teachers we have my classes generally have 15-20 kids in it.
We have amazing security you can't enter our school without the secretary letting you the door is locked in all classrooms at all times there is no way to unlock them. All of the teachers have Id badges and we all know who everyone is. Our school nurse is always at school and very attentive to everyone and knows all of the students.
I go to school in a small town. We have amazing food, great people, our teacher know us on an individual level and I love it. If I had the option of going anywhere I would choose here. Its great and I feel safer here than I think anyone could anywhere else. I enjoy all of the things I can do and all the people I meet.
We have multiple reasons for discipline at our school. They punish us according to our handbook which everyone has signed and their parents to say that they have read and understand.
We have a few clubs that you can join but some of them are run poorly. I myself am in FCCLA and our leadership needs work. This is our advisers first year so people in the group are taking advantage. I think new advisors need a more interactive way to learn.
Our school offers multiple classes outside of our core classes. I myself am in band, choir, art, annual/newspaper, and an honors English class. They also have multiple woods and metal shop classes, along with computers and FCS classes. They offer mostly anything you want. You can be who ever you want and while in these classes. You have the option to be who you are.
This rural school is limited in academic resources.
The social scene is very conservative Catholic, but people also weren't openly mean to those of different sexual orientation even if they disagreed with it.
For a small school, my high school did offer a variety of extracurricular activities. It was nice that the school was small enough that you could participate in any activity you wanted. You weren't going to get cut from the team on account of their being too many participants.
My counsellor put together a list of scholarships in each newsletter that was very helpful to me.
I feel that hard work can get you where you want to go regardless of school. In high school, I sought out extra challenge through online classes and that prepared me for the difficulty of college. My high school did not offer hard enough classes to adequately prepare students for college.
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My school put so much emphasis on volley ball and football. Academics and other sports were a second priority to these two sports.
Administration is mostly helpful and involved. Policies are usually up to date and work well with what they are meant to do.
Health and safety policies are up to date and effective.The school is very safe, and when problems arise, they are taken care of quickly and efficiently.
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