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Huntley is a very innovative high school that is constantly changing in order to improve the experience of it's students.
I graduated from Huntley High School in 2018, and I can confidently say that my four years at Huntley High School were amazing. Not only did I meet some amazing friends who were with me every step of the way, but I met loving and helpful faculty who guided me and prepared me for college.
Huntley High School has great, new facilities and provides opportunities to learn in things like nursing and engineering that usually are only available through college.
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This is a really big school and full of resources but the kids are ungrateful and some teachers don't have interest in the students.
Huntley High School is one of the best high schools in the whole Illinois state area. Huntley is absolutely amazing due to the booming classes, programs, athletics, extracurriculars, and opportunities they offer for students. Huntley is a growing school that has expanded tremendously in the past 4 years due to the amount of students they have accumulated. The only thing I would change to Huntley High School is the way to get to it. It is hard to get to Huntley due to the only two ways in and out of the campus, so traffic gets backed up and accidents happen. But other than that, Huntley High School is probably one of the best high schools out there and I would not imagine going anywhere else.
Huntley High School is a very good school because of the good acedemics and teachers. There is also many classes for all different kinds of people and interests. Lastly I enjoy their athletics and feel that Huntley is going to be a powerhouse school for sports soon.
Huntley High School has so many opportunities to offer any student. Between the different educational academies, such as the Fine Arts Academy and Medical Academy, to our Blended learning. Blended learning allows us the freedom to have a class half online and half in class as well as preparing us for college. There is a strong presence of diversity and involvement at the school. There are tons of ways to get involved and if you don’t find something, you can create it at the school.
Everyone is so friendly, however I do not feel safe 100% of the time. There have been many threats that cause problems. Aside from that, there are many different resources to help improve my education and high school experience. I really feel like the teachers care about us, and want us to do our best. I am blessed to have spent my four years of high school at Huntley.
it nice. so nice. I wrote a really long review and accidentally deleted it, and now I have given up. Stream Idol on youtube. Friday night and the lights are low, Looking out for a place to go, Where they play the right music, Getting in the swing, You come to look for a king, Anybody could be that guy, Night is young and the music's high, With a bit of rock music, Everything is fine, You're in the mood for a dance. And when you get the chance,
The administration is too focused on punishing students rather than helping them. They don't care about your behavioral past. They go against what the student handbook says and give you detentions that you shouldn't get. New topic is the crossdressing ban. They tell us to dress according to handbook which has nothing about crossdressing in it. SCOTUS declares that clothing is protected under freedom of speech and by banning the way we dress without it being in the agreed dress code is an infringement upon our rights.
the school really feels like home. if you’re planning to move to the area, i wouldn’t worry about it.
Huntley gives the opportunity for many students to be themselves. We have lots of different clubs and sports to be involved with. We also offer blended learning where you only have to go to class a few days a week.
I love Huntley High School. In the recent years, Huntley has been expanded, modernized, and added the Blended learning program. Huntley offers students many clubs and resources to make sure they have the best time in high school. I am involved in many clubs and the Varsity Basketball team. By being involved in these clubs and sports, I get to travel the country, meet new people, and gain new experiences that I will use in the future. Anyone can find a club that they enjoy at Huntley. One of my favorite parts is the blended learning program. With there being almost 3,000 kids in Huntley, not everyone can be in the building at once. Having a blended class means that you do not have to come to class everyday, but you have to do classwork online. This prepares students for college and makes them responsible for their own learning. The one thing that I would change is the amount of diversity in the school. Less than 10% of our school is minority and I believe they need more representation.
The main thing about Huntley High School that really impresses me is the fascinating and revolutionary Blended Learning Program. This new approach to learning gives students way more freedom and responsibility which only helps prepare them for college. I have found that here at Huntley High School there is a good amount of diversity throughout the school, and I believe the diversity rates will only increase every year. There are an immense amount of clubs, sports, and after school activities to choose from. Huntley High School gives an overall exciting and fun high school experience with events going on all throughout the school year, keeping students involved.
After attending Huntley HS I wasn't into sports or the clubs. I focused the majority of my time on my academics. I enjoyed the classroom time and I wish the school had more resources related to Business and Accounting. The teachers are pretty friendly and easy to talk to. The students are friendly and is easy to make friends. The facilty is very small compared to all the students who attend. You are cramped within the halls and the school buses fit 3 to a sit a huge safety issue. The cafeteria food is horrible. The safety of the school is very good equipped with security from the local police department, metal detectors and cameras. I would add more resource for students interested in Business and Accounting .
I love Huntley high. There are of course bad parts of everyone's high school experience but for the most part, Huntley is great. The administration while occasionally unorganized is fantastic, wants to help, and is pushing innovation. I've had very few run ins with bad people and I've only disliked 1 teacher. Counselors are great and helpful. They are easy to contact and make appointments with. AP offered but not forced on those who don't want it. The environment feels safe. Students taking action is supported and encouraged by staff (during school shooting protests for example).
HHS has provided me with many opportunities for success, including having outstanding staff and courses to prepare me for further education. The campus is top notch, and I feel very safe going to school there. Athletics are usually successful in their seasons and we have more clubs than I can count, so it is inclusive of all personal backgrounds and interests.
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Academic experience was fantastic. Good teachers for the most part, and always had a way to get help if needed. However, we did experience some safety issues.
I liked how Huntley High School updated itself and grew with the times by adapting new technology and changing the learning environment. However, I wish more had been done to combat bullying and mental health issues.
At our high school we have the blended program that really got students ready for college. Class did not meet every day and students had work to do when they were not in class. Also I was a part of medical academy and learned all the careers avaliable to me and got to work one on one with an actual doctor in my field.
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