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Huntland has a family feel about it. Everyone cares and watches out for you, even if they barely know you. All the teachers care, and are willing to help with anything they can. It's a really great school and goes from Pre-K to 12 grade.
There is one club that does everything and four more that all you do is pay a fee and call yourself a member. Not enough extracurricular opportunity.
It seems the nurse is almost always available and the SRO can been seen always walking around campus and easily located at all times.
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I have maybe 3 teachers who know what they're doing, care about student success, and try their hardest to be the best insructors they can be. The rest are absolutely mediocre.
The homecoming festivities are good, but that's about it. This school is full of mediocre teachers who are either apathetic to a student's schooling career or teacher-coaches who do nothing but watch game tape during class and students who complain 24/7 even when asked to do next to no work.
everyone is well taken care of
every one is like a family.
We def need more space. Our facilities are very old and worn down
I think we should get more diverse people
I've had some great teachers and amazing friends. Great memories here
Almost every teacher is very nice and go out of their way to help someone
Our softball team is #3. Band is #3. Soccer does very well also
If you play sports, you get all the support you need. All others require the support of parents and teacher/sponsors to survive.
There are a few that know their subject, a few that are just going through the motions, and a few that should not be teaching.
"Just enough" seems to be the attitude.
Unless you play football, you are a second class citizen.

Football team selects homecoming queen and escorts homecoming queen. So the homecoming queen is usually the team's watergirl.
Dress code a little restrictive
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They arent too hard. relatively easy. great teachers. always there to help.
We are very safe. Never have any problems. Very good nurse. Bullying is not often.
The teachers and other staff members are very nice and helpful. Our rules, dress code etc,are insane. We have a wonderful guidance counselor. Bullying really isnt an issue but it does come up every now and then.
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