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I think that the school overall is really good. The only thing I personally dislike is the social environment which is very athletic oriented and some people may not feel like they fit in with the culture. As an academic student, I don't really find myself falling into the social scene that well, but since we are quite a diverse school, there is a group for everyone. (While they may be small.) My only other big problem is the political scene in the school. There seems to be a more conservative culture there, where there are very few liberal clubs or organizations you as a student can join. For example, there is a pro-life club at the school, but not a pro-choice group. By mentioning you are someone who identifies as a Democrat, you tend to get dirty looks and judged because the school is in majority a conservative school. Other than that, I find myself lucky to be at the school I am.
Huntingtown High school is a great school. The teachers and staff are very sweet and nice to the students. Huntingtown is a good school to attend. There is no school like Huntingtown. We are good at sports and education. Huntingtown goes out of its way to make sure every student feels welcomed.
I like that there are great academic programs and athletic programs. The student base is mostly nice, and there's a lot of clubs you can get involved in. The one thing I'd like to see change is the amount of drugs in the school. It is better than all the other schools, however I don't want to see any of my peers get hurt from drugs.
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I loved the people at my school and the facilities, especially the athletic department. I would love to see some change in the behavior of the faculty, my guidance counselor did not care that I was crying in her office, that should not be okay, speaking as my close friend that took his own life did a very similar thing.
Overall, the school was good. The school is very focused on sports, so if you're not into sports like I wasn't in high school, you may be feeling left out. The theater program is excellent, unfortunately, the visual arts department, from personal experience, doesn't get as much attention. There are only two visual arts teachers, and the one I had wasn't all that great. There are plenty of diverse clubs to join (robotics, Politics, archaeology, anime), and the campus is up-to-date considering technology (3D printer and use of computers in class).
There is a great academic support system at this school! They provide you with excellent resources and opportunities to broaden your education and prepare you for college. It was truly a privilege to go to a school that cared so much about my education!
Huntingtown is one of the best schools in the county. Bullying is a problem but the academics and sports are excellent
I am currently a freshman at Huntingtown High School and am in love with this place. The school offers me many academic opportunities. The teachers have helped me understand my class material and the standardized tests. The AP class that I took helped me prepare for the AP test and gave me a jumpstart to college. I don’t believe there is much to change in this school because of the variety in classes and clubs. This chop is an amazing one.
The education is high quality - however, only with some teachers. The school is not diverse enough for me. You really have to make it worth it if you want to have a good experience by actually putting in the work, doing extracurricular activities, and taking AP courses.
I will be graduating soon and going off to college. Huntingtown High school has been an amazing school to prepare me for college. They have so many AP classes, clubs, a great CTA program and Stem programs. I would recommend Huntingtown high school to anyone.
What I like most about Huntingtown High School would be the amount of freedom given to the students. We have an hour lunch period where we can eat and socialize with friends, get help from teachers or other students, and get involved in clubs. Huntingtown has over 50 clubs that meet throughout the week during lunch and with the wide variety of club options are sure to appeal to anyone in at least one aspect of their life. Aside from clubs, teachers are available during lunch to help students who may not understand the content taught in class or have specific questions about an assignment. Huntingtown has great teachers and staff who are always willing to help the students succeed and prepare for the transition to college.
The pride everyone has in attending hhs is extremely noticeable. This leads to really fun spirit weeks and athletic events which I enjoy.
Overall my experience with HHS has been generally positive. The teachers are excellent and offer additional help if needed, even when it goes into their own time. Organizations within this school are also of high quality.
I appreciated this high school because of the academics and the way they pushed you to do your best. The school spirit was lacking and the "fun" aspect of high school is taken away because they are always pushing for AP (advanced placement) and honors when some kids will not do well in those classroom settings (I am an education major and understand this now).
I’m a current sophomore at Huntingtown High School. This school contains a very rigorous learning environment with good academics and fairly decent athletics. While the school doesn’t contain my sport, I do see lots and lots of student athletes finding success in Huntingtown’s athletics. My class work certainly challenges me and I am very thankful to come to a school like Huntingtown for high school. While the students act somewhat cliquey, that is high school and the way my teachers and admin push me to succeed is excellent.
Huntingtown High School is an overall great school that excels in academics and I am very fortunate to have attended there. The school is filled with amazing staff members and teachers who are always willing to help and want students to succeed.
Huntingtown is an excellent school that provides its students with the necessary tools for success. However, I have found that not all teachers here are willing to try and give students the necessary extra help.
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I really enjoy the school spirit we have. You can’t walk down a hall without seeing some form of spirit wear, and the school congratulates every accomplishment made by out many sports teams and clubs. It truly is a friendly and supportive environment.
I quite enjoyed my time at Huntingtown High school! There is are so many clubs and activities to fit every person. I played on a sport team along with particapting in theater and a few other clubs. Overall a really great school!
I have greatly enjoyed being a student at Huntingtown high school for four years. Huntingtown high school has always been a place where I have enjoyed attending and being a part of. I believe that the teachers genuinely care about the success of the student and want them to do there best. I've never met a teacher there who wasn't willing to help or give me support. I have also played basketball, baseball, and football at the school and all the coaches are great. They care about your success off the field just as much as they do on and want you to succeed in everything you do. I would also like to mention that not only does Huntingtown high school have a great staff but I also greatly enjoy spending time with my peers at the school. All the students are great and I have come to make many amazing friends at that school. Overall Huntingtown high school is a safe and friendly environment where I have built great relationships and learned and overcome more than i could imagined.
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