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Huntington Park Senior High School Reviews

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Huntington Park High School is a very good school for me all of the teachers there help us succeed in life and help us get into college. The school has various programs to help us prepare for college. The college preparatory classes are free and are offered for everyone assisting the school.
In Huntington Park high school there are very good teachers while teach really good too. I have learned a lot from them and have received great advise into going into colleges and applying. There are so many programs offered in HP that help for college readiness.
Huntington Park Senior High has offered an amazing high school experience.The staff encourages students to apply to college to have a better future.There are many opportunities for involvement from clubs to sports.The only thing that lacked was the amount of school spirit but the class of 2019 is working on it
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The school really prepared me for college & the teachers really care about you & take the time to get to know each of their students. I loved my four years in Huntington Park High School. Everyone is respectful to everyone. Its a great clean, safe environment.
I love Huntington Park High School as I have spent my four years here. The school is very welcoming and I love the student body here as they plan fun events and unite students.
Huntington Park High School is a school filled with diverse, amazing administrators, teachers and positive vibes. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge being a high schooler for Huntington Park. I’d recommend for upcoming freshman’s or any other students to join the spartan pride.
Hi, I am a junior at Huntington Park Senior High School. I have been a student at this school since my freshman year and I honestly love it. The school is very historic and has a pretty "old-timey" feel to it that I enjoy. The education at the school isn't the best but it is still very good. The teachers here care about their students and about their education, which is nice. Furthermore, we also got a new principal this school year and the school is definitely improving. There are new designs and decorations around the school, students are feeling more involved, there is more school spirit and the overall energy is different. A good different. Lastly, our school is being renovated soon and it is very exciting. Unfortunately, my class won't be here when the renovations are done but it's nice to know that our school will be getting the upgrade it deserves while still keeping its historic feel to it. In the end, we all know that once you're a Spartan, you are always a Spartan.
I really liked this high school. Although so many people would say that it wasn't a good school, I think that didn't matter at all. The teachers were very supportive the time I was there till I left. They would very involved in school dances, chaperones, etc. Always there to support the students.
I am neither glad nor disappointed to be at this school. However, I will admit that both the appearance and academics in this school are improving greatly. The teachers and administrators are very helpful and supportive. They do their best to get students to reach their full potential. Students are not pressured about college, but they are definitely pushed to do better for themselves and to make the right decisions.
This school may not have a lot of resources, but I believe there are teachers and administrators who care about students. There are a great deal of students who are involved and care about their school and community. Our spirit had also grown in the past years, and has created a better experience for all of us.
I love everything about this highschool but what I love the most is the ethusiasm and spirit the school has and especially the determination the teachers have to make sure their students pass their class. What I would like to see change is the respect students have for each other, I want to see it grow.
Huntington Park High School is a school full of positive energy with amazing mentors, administrators and teachers. The students are involved and as a new student attending this school I can say that I feel like part of the school proud to be a spartan!
Huntington Park high school is a very diverse school. Along with that teachers and staff care about one another. One could say it’s a good school. The people here encourage all students to try their best in order to have all students graduate within the 4 years.
Overall my experience at Huntington Park Senior High was excellent, however some of the teachers do need to put more work into their job, they need to work on giving the kids something to look forward to everyday. I believe the school has improved throughout the years I attended and I do know it will continue to improve.
My experience was pretty good overall there was good school spirit but i would like for them to change their disiplining rules.
They are really conceded about your education and want you to pass. The are very helpful on anything you need whether it's homework wise or trying to apply for a college.
Throughout my high school career HP has catered to my academic and even personal needs. The teachers, admin and staff all work together to make our experience and education valueble. Through the AVID program in this school my experience has been exponentially better.
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My experience at my school has been the greatest. The school is involved with the students as well as parents. The administration and the teachers are very out going and really dedicated to their work.
I transferred into this school junior year and although I had trouble talking to people, the school was welcoming and I made many great friends. A good high school experience overall.
Huntington Park high school is not a school I would recommend to any student or parent. The school is very dangerous. During my time there I saw numerous fights, including a few that put students in the hospital under critical condition. The school was full of gangs, troubled students, and teacher’s who were no longer inspired to help students reach their potential. I would love to see new teachers with unsheltered spirits hired to help the troubled youth find their full potential and reach for a greater life.
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