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Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School Reviews

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Huntington Park College Ready Academy has prepared me in numerous ways for college, and has exposed me to real world experiences I may face once I graduate from high school. Despite how satisfied I am with the my current high school, I believe that several improvements can be made in order to make this school more effective. This school does not have as many AP courses as other schools, which limits the opportunity for students to take these courses. This school also has about 4 sports and are sometimes low on resources. Despite being low on a few resources and being limited on space, this school goes out of their way to make sure their students graduate and are prepared for college. Students have a great relationship with their teachers and the staffs, and the counselors are always checking up on their students. I am beyond grateful with everything this school has taught me.
I liked the school, but I believe they could have been better in teaching students about the real world rather than just forcing students to apply for things. They could have encouraged students in a more positive way rather than distinguishing the privileges they can lose.
The main thing I like about Alliance College Ready High School is that is a very small school so therefore the teachers pay more attention to all of the students also another thing I like about Alliance is that they help you to apply to colleges when you are in senior year
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This school is very professional and is academic based. It has its sports team, but they are not huge though they are able to compete and many times receive first or second place. You can always talk to somewhat and feel comfortable. The only issue here is the office staff who can sometimes be rude. On the bright side teachers always push you to the best as they learn the habits of every individual since it is a smaller then average high school.
So far, my experience has been great because I have been able to have the opportunity in being committed with my school work, extracurricular activities and being able to express myself with teachers. Although, some students may not have the chance to express themselves yet, this school gives you a chance and encourages one another to strive their goals. Like many other schools there is always one thing that could change and that is, letting students be more independent about their choices they want to choose. Not saying that we are not independent, but if we choose to do something we will have consequences on our own and not depend on others'. But overall, I believe that this school is a great fit for my education because I feel safe and cared for at all times knowing that I have a bright future ahead of me with the help of astonishing teachers.
I really liked the caring teachers who actually cared about my studies. They pushed and challenged me to try my very best everyday. My teachers always pushed me to continue my education to college and now that I'm attending my university I'm extremely grateful for their influence in my education.
I really like the teachers in the school who true their best to give each student the information they need. However, the office staff is horrible and not generous at all.
This school gets you prepared for college by teaching you everything you need to know. The teachers care about their students and the parents are always involved.
Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School helps students prepare for college. Teachers and/or staff members take the time to sit down with all of the students attending this high school to talk about their futures.
It has been great couple of years here as a student where I have developed skills and college ready mindset.
The school focuses mainly on academics which can put a lot of strain on many of the students but they do events for students to allow them to relax and feel motivated. Classes are small, allowing the students to ask for help from many teachers. Not many classes are available for students to take due to the school being very small and overcrowded.
These school will provide your children with the well-educated teachers who value the importance of education. Most teachers, will be willing to help students out with academics and emotional/mental problems. I would actually like for student's voices to be heard and have an opinion about things without having to worry about threats.
The overall ambiance is welcoming and the people here are kind, students and faculty alike. There is a large emphasis on going to college and making sure we are prepared for what we will encounter. The counselors here are amazing! They are extremely helpful when approached, and when they aren't they reach out to you to make sure you're doing well and they keep you up to date on important dates and opportunities. The administration makes clear what is expected in terms of behavior and overall character. The principal is active around the school and knows a lot of the students' names. There are some downsides such as particular teachers who don't really give it their all and then some workers in the office who don't have the best attitudes. However, the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. In essence, the school is a wonderful outlier in the low-income communities of South Central where education normally isn't this good.
What I like about this school is that it prepares you for college since the counselors here give you tips on how to be successful in your education and that they help register for tests, such as the SAT or the ACT.
There is no real diversity with there being predominantly Hispanic (such as myself) and the student body at times is not interested by school spirit. The staff is generally very helpful and the teachers try to prepare the students for the "college experience". Not many advanced placement classes are offered and the classes are limited.
Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School meets all my requirements of a good school. Their administration is always in the look out for students needs and requirements to be successful in the future. The environment is safe and in good conditions, just like the food. Food is served warm, ready, and free to students who attend the school. Over all, there education and resources is also in good conditions where students are being taught college ready skills.
Huntington Park College-Ready is located in a low-income area, and because of this it, naturally, lacked resources and opportunity for its student. Nevertheless, Huntington Park provided a much safer and more engaging learning environment compared to its neighboring schools. With teachers that genuinely cared about the students success, rather then their pay check. The teachers at the school are truly the heart and soul of the institution, constantly encouraging and aiding students in the most beneficial way possible. The teachers are what sets Huntington Park apart from its neighbors. Huntington Park makes a great effort to prepare its students for the future.
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I really liked that we formed a community feel in our school, we always supported one another and allowed each person to feel safe in our school environment.
My experience at Huntington Park College Ready Academy High School was pleasant. I made wonderful friends and was introduced to various points of view on college or simply life. Although it was a school size of about 600 students, it made my learning experience a hundred times better because I was able to maintain a personal connection with my teachers and a trust in them. Just like any other school there were incidents but not very often. Perhaps it had to do with the location in which the school was in and the community surrounding it. But I don't think I would change my high school. Specifically because the food was actually decent, even though they would change the catering company yearly, they were all good.
I actually enjoy my experience in this highschool although i did bad i the beginning of the year. I would like to change the coldness in there but at the same time no because it keeps us awake.
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