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Huntington North High School Reviews

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Most teachers are great at teaching, but very unkind. Other teachers are bad at teaching, but some of the most wholehearted people I've ever met. The students are despicable, but academically can't complain.
The best part of the school was the teachers; there were quite a few who genuinely cared and impacted me in positive ways. Nobody does much to prepare you for college, most students are miserable and hate each other.
I enjoyed a lot of experiences during my time at Huntington North. I enjoyed the company of each teacher that I was fortunate enough to have and be taught by, and I enjoyed the quality time spent in the classrooms. I gained many life long friends and a jump start to college evaluation processes. These few components listed that I obtained from Huntington North have allowed for me to not only begin to prepare myself for life after high school, but also prepare me for life in the real word, independently.
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Needs a lot of improvement. Needs to be safer and care more about the students than it actually does. They don't care about their students and they don't have very good teachers. I did not enjoy my four years there. I had several interactions with bullies and the school did just about nothing about it. Bullying isn't a big deal here.
Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at Huntington North. I have gained so many life experiences that have molded me into the person that I am today. I have gotten to dabble in many different things like athletics, student council, and campus life. There have been numerous opportunities to get involved with my school and on top of that my academics have been strong for the most part. Something that I would like to see changed is maybe the emphasis on athletics. I have played sports all of my life, but I feel that athletics are viewed at as more important than even academics and I don't necessarily think that is how it should be.
Great leadership, great teachers, great continuous improvement mentality.

As a parent, I am very satisfied with the quality of education/attention my students are provided.

The size of the corporation can make a bit of logistical challenge for students in the southern part of the county. I believe the administration works to minimize the impact.

Fundamentally, teachers are prepared, available, approachable and caring of the students. Administration is engaged and active. The overall cultural is as academically challenging as one wants it to be and socially nurturing for all.
I liked how kind most of the staff was but I would have liked to see teachers who were more understanding along with students who held more respect for others. I also would like to see more people within the school open to diversity and uniqueness. I feel our school is clean and well taken care of by the janitorial staff. I also feel that our school holds a good number of students. I appreciate how some faculty will take all students under their wing when they are struggling. But some teachers come off as distant, rude, and close-minded to students. I feel that some teachers here are simply not fit for the job or not trained for the learning environment. Many lack communication and this can make learning difficult.
Huntington North was very fun with many sweet and nice teachers. The students are regular students. What I would change though, would be the school lunches. They are just very poor quality.
Most of the teachers here are very passionate about their jobs and helping the students to actually learn something. This school has an outstanding amount of AP and dual credit classes.
I started this school new while everyone else knew each other. I quickly made friends though. The school is full of amazing people and caring teacher. There are so many classes and clubs and opportunities you have to choose from. The school tries to keep students involved. Very good reasourses and education.
My experience at Huntington North High School has been very positive. The teachers are reasonable and are willing to help you when you are struggling or have problems. The deans and principals tend to be understanding and work to boost student morale yet still take care of problems when necessary. I absolutely adore the show choir program. Overall the only problem would be unreasonable student activity.
Academics are good and there is an abundance of extracurricular activities to participate in. However, the music department, more specifically, the band, does not get much or any recognition from the school. New music, instruments, stands, and more are needed but are not provided. The teachers are generally okay but most clock in, clock out, and get paid.
Huntington North High School is an good high school if you take advantage of their opportunities. They have many opportunities to leave the high school with some type of licensing in your career interest to go straight into the workplace!
I like the number of classes offered at Huntington North High School and the teachers and staff. But they could improve school food, cleanliness, and update interior and technology so it is more modern.
This was a decent high school to attend, but it did lack some opportunities that when in college i would have liked to have had back in high school.
They have some really good teachers and staff. The lunches are pretty bad at the school though even though that's more of a national problem with all the restrictions of the things they can serve. They make all their students pay book fees and then also for makbooks which were supposed to get rid of the book fees. it's way overpriced for a public school.
I love all the of the opportunities available through a variety of clubs and activities. I am comfortable asking any of my teachers for extra help if needed.
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The teachers are phenomenal and really connect with and care about the students. Most of them are very understanding and want to help you succeed in any way possible. The activities are great and there are many different clubs such as Diversity Club, German Club, Art Club, Anime Club, Gaming Club, and Writing Club. There really is something for everyone. The activities, such as Varsity Singers (what I am a part of) really feel like family and make the high school experience even better.
I liked Huntington North High School because they offer many hands-on opportunities for several different career paths. I am currently in a community elementary school as a cadet teacher. They offer internships and classes to get certifications. There is a wide range of classes at Huntington North, from basic freshmen level classes to challenging AP classes. There are many teachers and staff members who care about the students. There are a wide range of students at the school and many of them care for each other and are willing to help others. The sports programs are excellent as well. Not all teams are state champions, but they work hard, are passionate, and are a great source of entertainment for community members. Sporting events bring the entire community together, and people in the community are loyal fans to their school.
My experience at Huntington North was very good. I enjoyed what they had to offer (sports, theatre, newspaper, leadership) to me. I am still benefiting from what I learned in high school journalism and psychology. Teachers I worked with were remarkable, creative, funny, caring, and memorable. However, I can recognize that I am a good student and school works well for me. Now that I am older, I can recognize the system was meant for me, and lacked in other areas such as diversity, greatly. If I could change anything, I wish I would have been able to recognize and discuss diversity issues in high school.
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