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Huntington Middle School Reviews

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There are many caring teachers, which is important during this challenging age for kids. There is room for improvement with the amount of unnecessary homework given to kids.
Huntington is a great school. The there are amazing academic opportunities if you can access them by working hard. Most students are nice, driven and competitive, however semi-bullying and inappropriateness does occur frequently. Some of the teachers have completely changed my life (for the better) though there are some rare and glaring exceptions that do not know what they are doing and are unreasonably mean, making students terrified of walking into class every day. There are many cliques going on in the student body, but there will hopefully be one that the student will fit into, or else they would be lonely and picked on. It's not a school for everyone, but it's a pretty nice school nonetheless. As a student, I can tell you that cafeteria food is absolutely horrific. BUT, if you are willing to look past the negatives, Huntington can be a good school for you to shine academically, through sports, and many competitive academic teams.
The academics at the school are very good and it provides a good environment and friendly competition for learning and sports. Most of the teachers love what they are doing, and if you really get to know them, they can even be nice. Most...
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The school is really clean. I wish there were more areas to play around though. The teachers are great and they have a great sets of tennis courts to practice in.
There are lots of sports to choose from. My son really enjoyed his years in band. Over the past 2 years, he is really blossoming as a musician.
There are great teachers who truly care and teach in an engaging manner. There are teachers who really should retire from teaching since they have lost the love of teaching. My son had trouble with one teacher and felt bullied by him.
My son has peanut allergy, and the school health aides are very careful about checking medication needs for field trips and school trips.
It is a wonderful school in terms of academics. However, it is extremely competitive and not all children will thrive in this environment.
The nurses were very nice, they helped the children feel better.
The orchestra is excellent. They also have performed in Carnegie Hall numerous times.
I loved the environment of this middle school! I miss it very much because the life skills that I use today have been influenced by this excellent middle school.
The teachers engage students to think critically and beyond their imagination to enhance their skills. These important skills are beneficial in the real-world, in diverse situations, and in academic fields of study.
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