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When I began my first year at Huntington, I was prepared to be disappointed. The demographic was not good to say the least. It was a D school, F even, at one point if I remember correctly. Then I met the principal, Mr.Graham. He was a very determined individual and he put hard work each day into making sure his seniors graduate and the rest excel in their classes - at for those who put the effort in. Huntington High school has a very friendly environment and resources to help you pass. It's only up to you if you want to be a F or A student.
I like that Huntington is full of people that are not afraid to express themselves . The students work together and the learning is fun . It's a lot of talented people around.
It was a very fun experience for me I met a lot of new friends the teachers always pushed the student to be the best and get they're work done learned a lot there also I was involved in some clubs as well and I played soccer for my senior year
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I've attended Huntington High School since I was in the 7th grade. Every year just got better than the last. Huntington keeps the school fresh and on it's toes. The teachers are always willing to go that extra length to help kids that need a little more assistance. They are all so kind and are very great at teaching as well. The administration is fantastic. They are always at the top of their game with everything around the school. The one thing I would change about Huntington is the restroom policy. They don't kids use the restroom during class which I understand but some kids have weak bladders let alone females have their monthly cycles so I believe this should change about the school. Besides that, Huntington is a great school!
Huntington High School is very fun and diverse. We have a lot of opportunities to do things we like to do. We have very good sports teams. The academics are good as well. What i would like to see change is the school food it is nasty.
Huntington High School was great to me. They have a lot of different clubs and organization for you to be yourself. I would love to see the 0 tolerance approve.
Huntington has been the best school for me. I've been there since seventh grade and throughout the years I watched my school progress into one of the best schools in Caddo Parish. My time there has taught me so much in academics which is to strive not for perfection but excellence which has allowed me to become the student I am today. With these I've shown gratitude to be in the best organization around campus such as the Law and Business Magnet Program, Student Council, The Raider Jukebox Band, and the number one track team. All of these organizations has mold me to be a leader not only within the organization but around school and outside of school. I've had the best years in my school from friends to staff and administrators who work so hard to make sure that we succeed and have the necessities to become the next future businessmen, doctor, etc. Overall it's been great memories made here and HHS and I will cherish them and take what I've learned from school into my life.
Great school! Wish it was more diverse & was more challenging. The new principal is awesome but he's worried about lower class rather than the seniors.
Huntington literally has the best teachers even though we may not be the best school but we do strive to do our best.
My School have good extracurricular
The activities that the school has makes the school stands out like the marching band, and the basketball team
The teachers at Huntington High school are okay. You have some teachers that cares about the students and some that does'nt
if i could do it all over again i would go back to my high school because it sometimes had its days where i actually enjoyed being there .
the teachers in my school they communicate well with the students . we have a clear understanding
At Huntington our band is the most popular extracurricular activity. There are over one hundred students involved in the Raider Jukebox. We have an amazing student council. A lot of our students here at Huntington are leaders they help in any way possible after school . Teachers offer stay to help those who need extra work time . Although we don't have that many clubs , the ones we do have are active in support.
Huntington is the best school I attended. We have a wonderfully, caring principal . Our test scores keep increasing. I would definitely choose to be a raider again if I had to.
The teachers at Huntington High School all care about the students. They push us to our full potentials. Also, they break down everything to make sure you learn everything you need to.
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All staff work hard to make sure nothing bad happens at the school.
Kids get in trouble for not showing excellent. Most students are good and never in trouble.
Everything is up to date and looking clean and good. I love my school and will support it 100%
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