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I hate it here because anytime you go to a teacher about a problem they tell you, you can fix it yourself and to not care about it.
Honestly Huntington high is a great school but can be very strict. So if your not very good at following the rules I would not attend this school.
Huntington high has some great opportunities for different paths. They strive to better the students despite the area being low income.
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Huntington high offers a wonderful theater program as well as a speech and debate team. They also offer a variety of clubs. Anyone could at least find one or more clubs they would like to be in. I would like there to be a change in the way the administration views sports. They seems to only care about the football team, when every sport deserves recognition for what they do and accomplish.
I am proud to have went to Huntington High School. A wide variety of classes were offered. I wish there was more school spirit.
The community is diverse in terms of staff and students. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in academics and extracurriculars. It's great to have a staff that's very interactive with students. The music department far surpasses any other school on Long Island!
When I was a new student, the other students helped me get where I needed to be. Everyone is very kind. The teachers and administration treat their students with respect.
The math program implemented where the courses combine several topics such as pre-calculus and trigonometry is detrimental. They crammed two courses into one semester, not even the whole year. When I arrived at college I was completely unprepared for math courses.
There are some really great teachers at that school. The staff genuinely cares about the students and their lives outside of school. They offered a lot of help in school too so that students were getting good grades. I wouldn't change anything about it!
Overall, the athletics and extracurriculars offered by the school are great; they certainly keep everyone occupied and busy with an activity outside of academics.
However, out academics, teachers, counselors, and administrators unfortunately must be poorly ranked. There are a handful of good teachers, but they mean nothing whenever the counselors and administrators are not encouraging students to take difficult classes or pursue a higher education beyond high school.
Huntington high school is an ok school. I don't like that much. Mainly because of the main principle. I don't like him at all. I like some of the teachers. I would to see the school with new administrators and students who don't trash the school . Our school is gross. It normally has a lot of bugs inside .
I like the diversity, but the teachers don't seem to care about the students success. Students don't have their own books to use and most of the teachers and administration don't care about the lack of materials. The teaching is mainly worksheets and you don't have much one on one time with them.
Huntington High was a nice school to go to. Not over crowded. Teachers are their to support students. If I could change anything it would be how little readiness I got for college. So I could have become more prepared.
Overall my four years at huntington high were great! High school is only as good as you make it and for me I had a blast. We offer so many class in the school and online. The honors and AP teachers were very great, for me at least. It is pretty diverse to be in Huntington, WV the school culture is off the charts. I have never seen so much pride in a school!!!
It's not bad but not great. All I have to say is I'd rather go to Huntington High than Cabell Midland any day.
Huntington High School provided me with a lot of opportunities. I was heavily involved in theater and marching band where I met people who challenged me to be the best person I could be. The programs at Huntington taught me to love everyone and have respect for all peoples. I also learned time management through the extracurriculars and how to set goals and accomplish said goals. The A.P. classes at Huntington are top notch and prepare students for college. I learned so many wonderful things through these courses that have carried me through my college career. Even though I grew tremulously while at this school and deeply respect the institution, there are changes that need to be made. The non-honors and non-A.P. courses need to be more challenging to the students. There were often times that teachers let students slide by without pushing the students to reach their full potential.
Overall, Huntington High is a great school to attend and better your education at. I believed all the teachers enjoyed their jobs, and only wanted the best for students. Huntington High offered so much to prepare for college, especially community service, scholarships, and academics. If there is one thing I could change about my school, it would probably be the school lunches. The food is not good to sight or taste and the lunch room is always crowded. However, this little flaw in the school wouldn’t want to make me go or be anywhere else. GO HIGHLANDERS!
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Overall, it's probably the best school in the area. That's not to say areas could not be improved upon, but there is no place nearby that could even think about doing better.
I love Huntington High. The last couple years that I’ve been here have been some of the most memorable years of my life. I love being involved in sports and academics.
Overall, don't let the terrors of high school deceive you. If you don't think you'll miss high school, the people, or the experiences then you are doing it all wrong. Teachers please force your students to make memories.
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