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The school itself provided what was asked of: classes that would be giving me the necessary credits in order to get to college. Other than that, it was an experience I would much rather hurry to forget.
I loved the staff at HHS. Just about every single teacher I had all four years I attended were amazing!
Over all experience in Huntington High School was poor.
Working on teaching the students in a better format so they can learn.
As well as, make the students confront-able where they are going to school.
Make the outsiders that are not from Huntington, Tx or any outsider feel that they are welcomed and love to be there.
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This school has been very different as of late, and in my final year of being here, we have really stepped up our game in order to create a new experience style for the freshmen that are coming to achieve great things!
I am a senior at Huntington High School, and our teachers do no put in their best effort prohibiting me to reach my full potential.
Huntington High School has excellent staff and academics but there is a lot of politics throughout most school activities.
Huntington High School was a very good high school to go to. I really enjoyed my time there. I felt like I was very prepared for college after graduation. The teachers and administrators really cared for each student and wanted everyone to succeed.
Huntington Highschool has a great teaching program and offers a wide variety of learning opportunities depending on what field of study you are wanting to succeed in. I like the staff the staff the most, they contact you and communicate with you whenever you need them to.
I wish that it would've prepared me more for college. The teachers need to be more strict and less lenient with the kids because college is the real deal and the teachers don't play games.
I enjoyed my years at HHS! It is a small school where everyone knows each other. The students are friendly and love and support each other.
Great school! Love the small town/school atmosphere.
The school is all hands on when it comes to activities such as athletics. Majority of our money does go towards that. We are usually always winning with dance competitions and noted for that. We lack very much on the side of art. We barely have a band and what we do have is made fun of.
The school lacks on the considerations of their students. SO SO SO many times kids are bullied and it goes unseen. Of course it is brought to attention, they just will not do anything about it. All this school really cares about is the sports that do not even win. This is a hick town and there are too many negative attitudes that go unhandled.
A lot of the teachers are just too ready to retire. Some actually enjoy their job and want to make a difference while others are just there. The grading is usually accurate. The teaching styles can end up being difficult in such subjects in the math field. Most of them are knowledgeable, just lazy.
I have enjoyed my time here, I've made lots of friends and found the true ones. My favorite experience was when two of my friends and I went to the homecoming football and dance for the first time. Even though we lost the game, everyone still had a great time. We all danced and went out a eat and everything.
Most of the teacher are very kind, that get stuff done and have certain expectations for their students. They are also willing to help students that are trying their best to pass and will help students outside of class to understand the material.
It's okay, but we don't really have anyone that students can go to and talk about their problems. The actual councilor doesn't council, so everyone goes to the nurse and that isn't here job.
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Most of the clubs rarely do anything of significance. There is the usual exception but a lot of the clubs do nothing.
Their is not enough funding for the building and or education materials needed to fully run the school.
Extracurricular opportunities do not consist of academics what so ever.
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