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I think its a pretty average high school. There is a big emphasis on the sports a music program which can be annoying when you're not apart of either but there are plenty other clubs and activities available. The school is a community and everyone is usually pretty civil. Of course it has its up and downs and controversies but overall its not a bad school.
Lack of advanced stem classes, otherwise a great school! Great teachers, tons of opportunities to get involved in clubs, and excellent school spirit!
The experience attending Huntington High School is great! You are given opportunities to clubs, sports teams, and the education is free or reduced depending on your average income.
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Overall great place. I enjoy the most of the teacher. Friendly people, pretty much everyone cares how your doing. It's surprising how compassionate most people are. The school is pretty large with the amount of students, there's plenty of students running around.
I transferred here for my senior year. It was easy to get comfortable and used to it. The people here are nice and teachers are helpful! The college process is a little confusing for students trying to get scholarships because there's not much help, you are kind of on your own.
Huntington High School is a diverse school that brings multiple groups of people together, allowing for your children to have a good up bringing in the education side. The teachers in the school district are great and most are willing to help you with whatever you need to get you favored grade. Being a graduate from this school and an alumni I can say I would have not wanted to go to any other school. It helped me become the person I am today a well rounded adult.
Huntington High School is a well-rounded high school with many clubs and AP opportunities. Many teachers are very involved with the success of students--hosting clubs, holding extra help after school, and providing personal support for those who reach out to them. While some services (such as food) and resources (for the art department and teachers) may be occasionally lacking, the school seems to make an effort to provide for their students. The college office is dedicated to providing assistance to juniors and seniors to ensure every student has a plan following graduation, and there are many deans and counselors who work to support students.
Huntington has some really good teachers that show they care and want to see you do good. They are always willing to help you when you need the extra help. It definitely has a family feel with all the staff members. Students for the most part stick together to help one another as well.
Hungtington is almost like any other school district. It has its cliques, clubs, sports, rigorous classes. It has a lot to offer, as does many other school districts.
I love my experience at Huntington high school. They have a lot of afterschool programs a lot of clubs and activities for students to join and feel safe in.
I had a great experience at HHS. Teachers were great. They were very flexible and understanding. They will work around their personal life to accommodate a time and date to sit down with you and help you.
My favorite part of my Huntington High School is definitely all of the wonderful students and teachers that I have met. Joining many of the available clubs that the school has to offer has opened me up to many new experiences. The clubs that I've been a member of have helped guide me to what major I want to pursue in college. I've made life long friends here!
As a recent graduate of Huntington High School, I can honestly say it was the best experience I could’ve had due to the amazing staff and teachers I grew so close to.
Huntington is a very diverse High School and has a very good life skills program. There are many AP classes available, however it is a small school with a smaller budget.
Amazing teachers, they genuinely care about their students and are always willing to help. A lot of opportunities to be involved in various clubs and sports. Huntington truely has something positive to offer everyone.
Huntington high school encourages a successful 4 year career for every student. I love that this school has a lot of pride, spirit, community activities, diverse student body, extra curriculars, art and music programs, sports and more than a lot of other long island school. Here, there is a strong healthy foundation for great opportunities to come about. And much success in life.
I had a wonderful experience at Huntington High School. It prepared me to face the challenges of college and beyond.
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I loved my time spent at Huntington High School. I have met so many different people that I wouldn't have known had I not attended Huntington High School. I am truly able to connect with the faculty and they constantly show that they care about my future success. I have an immense pride for the school I attend and am so proud to be graduating from such an amazing institution. Go Blue Devils!
i love my experience here. amazing teachers and education. the teachers here care about your success unlike other schools.
There are some great teachers who are very passionate and dedicated. Some of the department heads are not in touch with the students and are caught up in administrative politics. This is very detrimental to the students in my experience.
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