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The overall school system is completely jacked. The school is a name game, who you are determines who you will be there. Teachers will openly make fun of students and talk poorly about them to other students. Bullying is what I would say the teachers are most well at.
I attended Huntington Local School when I was in 1st grade and now I will be a senior this year. Ever since I got there I've had a great experience. I love my friends and the people that I've became close too. The teachers and the administration are very good and very helpful. I don't always agree with some of the decisions that are made but I do respect them. Sports at Huntington are okay. I play volleyball for the school and i absolutely love it but the only thing I wish I could change is the coaching staff. The volleyball coaches at Huntington, for middle school, the assistant coaches and high school, are all related. Our boy sports are good. We have a very strong conference. The coaches for the boys are very well educated on the sport they're coaching. We're a family here at Huntington Local School. Now and forever and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Huntington High School is a decent school and has decent teachers but most teachers are not preparing or teaching enough to get student ready for college and their lives after they graduate. There are very few AP classes that are offered at this school.
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I loved how close me and all my classmates are, my grade level is like one big family. What we lack in diversity and economic standing we make up for in empathy and care of our fellow peers. My school may be small but we know how to make someone feel at home.
Most of the teachers really care about you and want to see you succeed. There could definitely be more electives to take, a better variety, but the school seems to care about sports a bit more. The lunches are good (not very healthy) but taste great. Bullying isn't a huge problem, there are a few mean girls and boys but most of us don't care enough to pick on others. Pretty good for a country school. I've gone there since kindergarten and will graduate class of 2018 and honestly, I wouldn't have wanted to go anywhere else. It's easy to do good if you work for it.
I would like to have classes with students that are at my level of learning. I always have classes with people who don't care about their grades. We are constantly doing group work. These people get grades they don't deserve.
There are many different clubs and extracurricular activities for students to be involved in. Some of these are FCS, FCCLA, Science Club, Art Club, and band. Each club has a different level of commitment ranging from attending meetings being mandatory to attending meetings being on a basis that better suits you. The administers of the group keep the members involved and seem to be highly involved themselves.
I enjoyed my time at Huntington High School and if I had a choice to redo my highs school career, I would choose to attend Huntington again. The teachers there were wonderful and seemed to care for me as an individual, and that is a main reason why I would enjoy attending again. This school stands out to me because of its atmosphere. The principle as well as the guidence councelor stood out to me for their dedication to helping each student and making us proud to be a part of Huntington. There seemed to be a lot of school spirit as well, which was apperent at sporting events and within the school walls themselves. My experience at Huntington was a great one, and I am happy to have been a part of that school.
The teachers at Huntington High School are very knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach and are helpful in explaining topics individually to students who need personal one-on-one help. They also seem to care for each individual student and are willing to help with any issue that they may have, whether it be school work or personal issues. The grading of assignments is fair, but it does take some time to be added into the grade book depending on the teacher. Teaching styles vary between each teacher but have included PowerPoint presentations, videos, hands-on activities, out-loud class reading of books, and verbal communication in general without any other materials. Overall, the teachers are very kind and helpful to the students and dedicated to their job.
Most of the teachers are very nice and helpful. There are a few who don't care/bad at teaching, but like I said not many. Scheduling is simple and easy to understand. Always mess ups in the beginning of the year but usually get resolved by the end of the first month. Workload in some classes are amazingly easy and in others terribly inconvenient. Not many extra curricular classes and you'll likely be put in one you didn't want.
No one really bothers doing anything about bullying. Health programs aren't taught very well. In terms of someone bringing a weapon in with the intent of hurting someone else is extremely low. The nurse doesn't help much. We have a sheriff during lunch or on campus most days. Worst thing you'll find is probably chewing tobacco.
Great school in my opinion. Great food, okay kids, amazing teachers, fun, but limited activities.
I love the food at this school, but it could use some more healthier options like, more salad/fruits/veggies. The same meal of the day is served twice a month so there is a good variety. Lunch for the Elementary is served at noon, middle is at 11:00am, and high is at 10:30am.
Dress code could use some working on. (Not allowed to show shoulders??) Teachers and staff are great, no tolerance for bullying. (Not that much of that happens besides average teasing) Principle is great and will help with anything he can. Attendance is average.
Teachers are great. They're very nice and helpful and don't give out much homework. They explain things in great detail and help multiple students at once by asking students who understand the lesson a great deal more, to help out the kids that don't. Few teachers you can even ask for help with personal problems.
generic Ex. Curr. like every other school. Fun though
Students and teachers are involved in the sports.
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There is really nothing unique about the academics offered at my school. The classes are basically the minimum, besides a few extras such as music theory and art.
There are not really any alternatives for school lunches, and it is definitely not healthy. There is no option for a vegan or vegetarian lunch.
My overall experience was pretty good at my school. One thing that I think makes it unique is the support from the staff for student led activities and events, such as the Day of Silence. If I could do it all over again I would still go to this school.
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