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Huntington Beach High School Reviews

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The school itself is beautiful and historic. The diversity here is pretty good. Sports here aren't too big, but the arts is huge. Overall, the environment here is good.
overall great high school experience! nice teachers and staff! Never went to any sports games, but have heard that ASB is adamant on making games a fun experience!
The best school with great education. I played on the womens soccer team and we did amazing. Our sports are great.
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Huntington Beach High School has many good teachers enjoy what they do for their students, but it is clear that some do the bare minimum of what they are asked to do by the district and are able to get away with it due to their tenure. That being said, if you are fortunate to receive an active and involved teacher you will enjoy that class thoroughly. I hardly ever felt unsafe on campus and the classrooms were up to par in terms of their quality. I enjoyed my four years and Huntington Beach High School and I definitely recommend for incoming freshman who are unsure about what high school they want to attend.
I just graduated from Huntington Beach High School and I loved my years here. I always felt safe and supported. I participated in cross country and track, where I met some amazing friends and supportive coaches. Also was in Avid which helped me feel very prepared for applying for college and attending a four year university. If it wasn't for the avid program or the staff and faculty, I don't think I would be where I am today.
I really like Huntington beach high school, it is a very beautiful campus. The teachers there are really cool and nice and are always willing to help all of the students.
I am currently a junior at Huntington Beach High School, and I have had an amazing time so far. Teachers are excellent, and it is easy to see how dedicated and passionate they are about helping students succeed. Administration is very kind, open minded, and involved with everything on campus. We have a beautiful and clean campus, that I look forward to going to every morning. Everyone is super friendly, and there are tons of activities. There is a lot of school spirit, and a very strong sense of community at HBHS. We have a lot of active clubs, competitive and strong sports teams, good preforming arts department and many other opportunities for students to get involved. I have loved my time so far at this school, and would highly recommend it to anyone considering attending HBHS.
I enjoyed my time at the school! The school campus is beautiful, and most of the staff are nice. Most every teacher I had was diligent and kind.
I loved the beauty of the campus and the opportunities offered to every student here. It was a wonderful place to spend four years, however, i wish there was more school spirit.
It was a great learning community, but I wish that it was easier for students to take multiple AP classes without having no personal time.
It was a good school for the most part. The history and science departments could use some improvement though. As far as history goes, the teaching is very biased toward conservative thinking which does not allow students will a more liberal mind set to be able to express themselves in class. The science department needs better teachers who are able to explain concepts like physics to people that are not naturally good at those subjects.
Huntington Beach High School allows for students to grow in a comfortable, safe environment. The staff here works hard to give their students top-notch education, and everyone here is very involved with extracurriculars. This allows for a connected student body, as well as students who are prepared to give back to their community.
Huntington Beach High School offers abundant opportunities to be involved and excel. The academic classes are challenging, though they sometimes are made more challenging by teachers who are not fully equipped to teach. The campus is spread out and each building caters to a specific subject, which is pretty incredible. The arts facilities are above and beyond what I have seen at other high schools as well. The only drawbacks to HBHS is there is no real emphasis on school spirit, and some teachers have difficulty making the material understandable for students.
HBHS is an amazing high school in a great location. At HBHS, you are given the tools to succeed, the peers to support you, and the teachers to guide you.
I had a great time at this school, but I did feel a lack of diversity and college readiness. The school is predominately white, but as a Vietnamese-American, I felt left out at times. There were moments where I wished I went to a different school so that I could be more social with other Asian-Americans. However, the academic opportunities made up for my social failures. The school offers many Advanced Placement classes and I found them all promising. The teachers who teach these Advanced Placement classes are very qualified and showed a great deal of concern for their students. The teachers at this school are so nice and I am glad I was able to be in their classes.
Our school is pretty good. There are, of course some things that could be improved, but for a high school, we have it pretty well.
Amazing school. I came to Huntington Beach High School as a senior from another school and THIS school is by far my favorite. All the teachers and students are incredibly kind.
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Excellent school that offers many AP classes and a variety of learning opportunities across academics, arts and athletics.
This school has given me the opportunity to learn many skills about the career I would like to pursue in the future. Huntington Beach High school allows its students to work and perform in a safe and accepting environment.
I was a student here in this school, and my experience was wonderful. The campus is beautiful, with many old buildings that you can feel the artistic and history in them. The teachers are friendly and attentive to the students; I asked many them to read my college applications and write recommendations for me, they were all okay with it. The school-works are well-prepared for college, as there are many AP classes offered for students. The staffs are nice too, not to mention there are a lot of security on site so you always feel safe. The school is very big so I cannot say about the students, but when I was in school, I have never witnessed any bullying. I am proud to say that I am an alumnus of this school.
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