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Huntingdon High School Reviews

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Huntingdon High school has the best teachers and they treat everybody the same and they have a higher standard than other schools.
My high school experience was both good and bad. The school has very helpful teachers who care about the students and willing to help them. However, it is a very poor school that lacks necessary funds.
This school does not tolerate bullying at all. As far as security and safety, they are very good at keeping the students safe. The health programs were also very good.
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This school has a large amount of organizations and clubs. Everyone participated in at least one.
The teachers are very intelligent, and want to help the students learn. All of the teachers have their own teaching style, but are very good.
The band, football, and basketball are great
They are knowledgeable and helpful there are a lot of coaches
Every teacher I've had always does whatever it takes to get students caught up. If a child is behind, they offer times outside of school for them to get everything done. Considering Huntingdon is a small town, the teachers know us and our parents very well so respect isn't an issue. The teachers here are very knowledgeable and most of them teach multiple different classes which makes it easier to understand the lessons. The teachers that only teach one class are passionate about their job and give it their all every day. I don't know a single teacher at Huntingdon High School that doesn't push us to be the best we can be in everything we do.
Great sports programs and participation
Most of the teachers are very helpful
Very safe school. I have never felt unsafe while at school.
variety of clubs and activity ranging from sports to arts to academics
Small town, close relationships between school and community
The overall quality of my school is great. The teachers use various styles to reach all students.
After school activities consist mostly of sports but they are good programs
The school may have a few problems, like every school, but it is a great environment to grow

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There are many teachers that are wonderful and genuinely work but a few teachers do not completely do their job and are not approachable
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There are a few clubs like FFA,Hosa, Spanish,Math but besides the main few there are slim choices.
This school is a typical small town Highschool. Sports is the main topic.
Teachers very much choose favorites, and some just do not care.
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