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Huntingdon Area Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers at Huntingdon Area High School are amazing teachers who do not get enough credit where credit is due. If I had not had the teachers I did, I do not know what kind of person I would be today.
The Huntingdon Area High School gives yougn students he opportunity to find themselves. We have a wide variety of sports, clubs and class that will suffice anyone. The teachers conect with their students and make them feel welcomed. but for the food I recommend packing except for mac n cheese day.
I enjoyed attending Huntingdon Area Senior High school for many reasons. The teachers and faculty were always hospitable and understanding. The police officer on campus made me feel protected and safe especially with all the crazy things in the world today. The high school is well maintained and looks very nice and welcoming to the public. The school spirit is like no other and it's a great school to attend.
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People were not always the most welcoming. Some of the classes were lacking in difficulty and engagement, but some of the teachers in the English department and music department greatly inspired me. I have attended 26 different schools and this one has been my favorite.
Attending Huntingdon Area High School was a great experience for me. I enjoyed my classes because I had great teachers who encouraged me and that had a knack for keeping my attention and making each of us feel like we really mattered. I played football throughout school and that helped create lasting friendships and gave me a sense of belonging and students just got along with one another at our school.
Very small school but has a lot of potential to be something that prepares students for the real world
I think the books were out of date and class work was too easy
Most teachers were great and listened to students.
I was involved in several activities while in high school and all were fantastic. I was a member of both sports and clubs and found that I was able to learn valuable lessons from each and had a sense of family in each of my many activities.
I would definitely choose to attend Huntingdon if I could do it over again. It was one of the best experiences. The school spirit is great and after school activities are abundant and fantastic.
The teachers at Huntingdon are the best you can get. They genuinely care about their students and how they are doing and teach with passion and excitement.
In this school, we have many extracurricular activities including many sports like football, soccer (boys and girls), tennis (boys and girls), track and field, softball, baseball, swimming, wrestling, golf, cheerleading, and basketball (boys and girls).
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at this school, the teachers have been very good to my class.
They are very good with being there for students and are supportive. They ultimately try to push them in the right direction and try to encourage good decision making.
I feel safe at our school. We do safety drills at our school.
There is a lot to do after school hours.
Its okay, the school is better than most in the area.
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Most of the teachers care for the students.
The school participates in a lot of activities and public speaking to prevent bullying in our school. It still happens but many measures are taken when it does happen.
Some of the clubs are easy to join, free or of reasonable price and fun, but some of the clubs are very expensive and some of the clubs aren't fun at all for the students. I also feel like the clubs should get more out there because I would want to join a club for the year and I would never know when to join or how to join and then the due date is already past.
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