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Hunters lane I experienced myself and how to be a educated black woman through all four years I’ve been in high school. I’ve learned to pick and chose my friends wisely because everyone is not your friend. The teachers that’s I’ve had all love me and they help me through all my challenges. Even the custodians help me when I need a door opened for my cheerleading practice. Overall hunters lane is a school where you can learn to be yourself.
Most teachers are great and care about their students. The school over all is very bad. There are fights basically every other day. There is no school pride and pep rallies suck.
I liked the band cause im apart of it and its like a safe haven. I would change the faculty because some of them don't seem like they know what they are doing when its comes to important stuff. I don't feel safe some times. But the band has helped me stay out of most trouble and has changed me in many ways.
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This is a school has a bad reputation to the public, but really, you just have to be a good, hardworking student in order to be successful. If you stick to right crowd, and do what is right you get by with a positive and very educational experience. Besides that, the only really negative thing I have to say is, most of the teachers and staff are just there for their check. They don't really show a compassion to get to know a student and seem uninterested in their needs as students. DON'T GET ME WRONG THOUGH! There are PLENTY of teachers who are the most caring and thoughtful people you ever meet! You just have to find them.
I was in the IB Academy since it was one of the few schools that offered it and I was proud that I did. Not only did we have a secluded hallway for IB Students, I was also able to get help whether that be academically or counseling without trouble.
This school is the only high school in Tennessee to have the International Baccalaureate program. It's a program where you get college level classes to prepare for the real deal. We get rewarded for attendance, GPAs, and being a part of this school. We may be like other schools, but its not as bad as you think.
I did not like much of my high school experience because i felt like i did not get prepared for college and did not learn anything.
I’ve been there for 4 years and learned different things about the school. It’s easy to make friends, do well on your work, try out for sports and club activities while still having fun. teachers supports and help me with things I need help with and keeps me active. While there teachers also encourage students to try hard and never give up.
My Overall experience at Hunterslane has been very interesting in both good and bad ways . I think that I've learned more life lessons than I have academical lessons at Hunterslane . This school needs a lot of improvement as a whole . The administration and the teachers do not communicate well which makes things very unorganized. There are problems everyday and the school fails to properly function on a daily basis. There doesn't seem to be much care for the future of us students .
What I liked about Hunters Lane was the overall atmosphere of the school and how it was always changing throughout the year. Some examples are the events that happen to be helpful to students and give them their own creativity to do their own thing. Also, the academies that we have give us students a look at what we want to do in college so we can be better prepared for our future and see what interest us as a person that will soon graduate and move onto a career that will benefit us.
My experience at hunters lane high school was relatively positive. A vast majority of the teachers would do anything for you and were always willing to help in extra ways. I really enjoyed the extra curricular activities. Some of my best experiences at HLHS were centered around them. My peers were amongst the best and I wouldn't change my experience if I had the option to.
Well, I’m apart of the International Baccalaureate Progam. Throughout my two years of being in this program, I’ve learned a lot of information that has prepared me for college. I like the teachers I’ve come to know and appreciate. I enjoy seeing my fellow classmates whom I've been stuck with in the same class for two years. I’ve made many many friends I am grateful for. I have encountered many challenges but they’ve always taught me something valuable, they’ve allowed me to grow as a person.
One of the things about Hunters Lane is some teachers genuinely care about you , for example my academy IB , all the teachers push you to keep going . The main thing about the school I don't like is some teachers in regular classes and other academies don't care about the kids there just here to get paid , they don't encourage the students.
My experience with hunterslane has been great i started off making Bs and Cs then i moved up to making As and Bs. I love this school because it makes me feel like home , i love all the teachers and staff even though the staff can be a pain they’re still doing there job. This year is my senior year at hunterslane and this year ive been more social and ive started doing more with the school. Im getting more involved this year and this makes me love the school and myself more.
It's not the worst school but it isn't the best either, its just like all the other public schools in Metro.
Hunters Lane High School is a high school that teachers that truly care about their students. At times this can get shrouded by all the negativity associated with Hunters Lane.
The school is okay. The teachers are really great! Though, I wish there were more AP options for classes rather than IB courses.
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In many schools you have students not being progressive. If hunters lane security was more sercure the thing that go on in there wouldn't happen. I overall enjoyed my experience at hunters lane because I kept to myself . Also I think that the teachers are awesome they interact with the kids and offer special help if needed. I think that the football team need another coach. You may not want to send you child there if they play football but other than that it's great I also feel that the parents should get more involved with these kids lives Overall I think that my alumni is the best it could be and that's good enough for me.
I had some good times and bad times at Hunters Lane high school. I played football for my 4 years. Our football program was okay at most. That was a bad time with some good sprinkled in there. The good times for me were having fun and laughing with my friends. I would like to see my school do better in everything. We should learn more things that will help us in life. I would like for my fellow students to take the work seriously and do everything they possibly can to help prepare themselves for college.
The campus is decent, it could be better if the principal wasnt using all the money for herself and on stuff like new chairs for classes nobody rarely even uses. Cafeteria food is like all other cafeteria food, horrible. Some teachers are absolutely incredible, others however should not be teachers at all, or require more experience. The student body on its own is alright, its very diverse. School spirit struggles sometimes. However im going to be graduating really soon at the top of my class.
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