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Hunterdon Central Regional High School Reviews

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Hunterdon Central is a great school. It is very up to date and clean. The teachers care about their students and the students care about everyone. Everyone is respectable and it is a great learning environment. It is a large school and has a lot to offer from clubs to sports anyone can find something they enjoy.
The best thing about Hunterdon Central is the community we have. Everyone loves everyone and I think that is the most important part to a successful learning enviornment
Four out of five stars for a diversified curriculum and genuine teachers. Plenty of opportunity but the administration needs a lot of works and it is very easy to feel like a number. Four out of five stars.
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Hunterdon Central was incredibly inclusive and provided a surplus of resources for my use. I was always able to find what I was interested in, whether it be a class or a social group. The education quality is unmatched. However, the staff on hand is generally disappointing. Many teachers are under qualified and only hold their positions as teachers so that they can also stay as coaches for one of our sports teams. Other teachers continue to conform to the rules of 17th century education and don't know how to properly interact with students. The same goes for a decent portion of advisers, counselors, and other administrative staff. I am fully aware how difficult it is to achieve a perfect staff, and that under qualified candidates may slip through from time to time, but the sheer quantity of incompetent staff makes me think that this is a tendency rather than an exception.
Hunterdon Central is a larger school -- more than 3,000 students in grades 9-12. There are a ton of classes to chose from that smaller schools don't offer. There are clubs and activities for every interest.
HCRHS really prepares you for college. They have a broad array of classes that many high schools don't offer. That allows you to really explore possible career paths. Lots of activities, sports and clubs.
Central really helps you prepare for college. There are so many electives and classes you can take to help you explore your interests. The teachers are always knowledgeable about their course and they are very helpful if you are struggling on a certain topic. There are also a number of after-school sports and clubs where you can meet so many great people. I have never come across anyone at Central that isn't willing to help another student.
Personally, I lost a lot of people while I was in high school and Central did help me through that. I had a great guidance counselor and some great teachers. But what really makes the school is the activities for student involvement.
Central is a huge school and I’ve met so many friends and people. There’s no limit on the amount of activities, games, or events to participate in. Classes can be hard but teachers give resources to help study and go over material. Administration and rules can be strict though and that often limits the amount of spirit and fun students can have.
Great academically, not much parent involvement. Administration was ok. Counselor was more concerned about status with school selection rather than what fit me and what my parents could afford.
Unfortunately Hunterdon Central is not the desired High School Musical experience. Instead you have clicky groups, hard classes and an environment that is easy to get mixed up in. Though HC is not the expected movie like high school there are plenty of opportunities to look past the negatives. With many sports teams and clubs it's easy to find a place to fit in and excel. In addition, the academic program gives you tons of chances to challenge yourself and prepare for higher education. Overall, even though HC isn't perfect it definitely has potential for you to make what you want of your time there.
As attending to Hunterdon Central Regional High School from freshman year to graduating, my overall experience was not something I'd wish to ever go through again. The academics and hard work got me to college and where I am today, but every day I would dread going to school and considered such an unhealthy environment. From constantly being picked on and being the 2% minority in the school was an awful combination making me feel as I did not fit in and I would forget who I truly was and to my culture. It was a really rough time and a lot of discrimination.
Hunterdon central has great facilities and is an awesome school district. I love how the people are so polite and they will welcome you so gladly. There are opportunities but this is a hard school.
In all, I love the feel of a big school. That's precisely why I felt comfortable during my four years here, and why I went on to pick a large university. HCRHS offers numerous opportunities to be involved and engage, which lends to a lot of personal (and résumé) development.
Hunterdon Central is a fantastic school that provides stellar education and college readiness. The types of classes you can take are varied and highly beneficial in that they do a fantastic job of preparing you for college. The educators are mostly very well equipped to teach and are extremely effective with their craft. The after school activities are abundant, and are great for meeting like minded students and gaining experience.
Let's face it no one likes school. While I was in high school of course I didn't enjoy it. After graduating and going to college I realized that Hunterdon Central prepared me for college level classes much better than my peers. For this reason I gave it an excellent rating.
Academics are very challenging but you either take basic CP courses or extremely hard AP classics and there is rarely a middle sort of class. Few teachers are outstanding and many have lack of motivation and won’t help you out. They give you a ton of freedom and there are tons of extracurricular activities. They really help you prepare for college. You have a lot of fun when you get involved but you are constantly stressed out.
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Extremely high standards and amazing opportunities, but there is a lack of understanding of students’ needs to participate outside of school in community programs.
I felt very prepared for college after graduating but there were quite a few issues with the administration
Overall, Hunterdon Central is a good school. Your experience, though cliche, is what you make it.
At Central the course load is heavy depending on the type of classes take and teachers you have. Honors and AP classes often mean more work and a faster pace; however, they challenge you to grow and pushes you to work hard, if you want to succeed. Unfortunately, the level of rigor also depends on your teacher. Personally, I´ve taken the same exact class as my friends, yet they end up earning a A in the class while I struggle to get a B+ because of the poor teaching. Nonetheless, some of the teachers at Central are amazing.
When it comes to extracurricular, there are plenty opportunities. It is very easy to be apart of many clubs and societies; however, don´t expect heavy involvement. Club meetings consist of listening about events & fundraisers, but no activities take place during these meetings.
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