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Hunter-Tannersville Middle/High School Reviews

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My time at HTC was very enjoyable, and I am grateful to have attended a school as calm and friendly one. The highlight of this school is the incredibly small size. Because of the low student count, it is very easy for every kid to get the help they need. The teachers are great, and I will never forget them.
Pretty good school, but that’s mainly due to the students in the school—not the teachers. The atmosphere is pretty competitive, but there’s also a strong pc culture.
Hunter-Tannersville is a small school with an inviting atmosphere. When graduating with roughly thirty kids in your graduating class, you form a unique familial bond with all of your classmates. In addition to this, all of the teachers that I have had experience with, which is nearly all of them, are extremely knowledgeable and helpful in their respective fields, while also remaining personable.
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Since it is such a small school it is easy to become a part of a sports team, and have a strong support system all throughout your high school career. I played three different sports throughout school and had the support of the whole community behind me as I played.
Growing up playing on many different sports teams has brought me so much closer to other students and their parents, they have given me incredible support over the years.
I have seen over the years my teacher go above and beyond to involve all students and their ideas. They have incorporated technology and made it much easier to complete projects and work at home because everything is connected.
There is minimal security threat at our school however the police do rounds and all the doors are locked expect during sporting events the halls are always clean and so are the bathrooms
Extracurricular opportunities at this school are of pretty good quality and many offers to different types of interests. It allows different students to try all different activities to find what they really like.
Due to the small size individualization is praised and one on one times with teachers if necessary are easily obtained. IT is very easy to be involved in sports and other activities at HTC because of minimal try outs for activities. Everyone can get a leadership role to see if it something they enjoy or not.
Most of the teachers care about the students and put their best foot forward to help students who were struggling with school or even with their home life. They are effective in their communication with students and teaching styles.
Being part of a small school has been great, you get the one on one attention from the teachers.
We don't have any major problems in our school
We don't have a large variety but overall the food is ok.

We do have a peanut free area
Our staff is consistent with enforcing rules and punishment if necessary .
In general all is great, we have a small school with small teams, which I think has its perks. We are tight knit teams who really get to know each other and play well together. We have a great support system of parents, teachers and community members.
I can honestly say our teachers are very dedicated and helpful
We are a small school, sports have their ups and downs with involvement, we typically have small teams but get a lot of support. We have good theatre and music programs, and a good amount of clubs. Our staff is very close and very involved.
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The food is Average. Would be better if there were more choices. Sometimes there is a bunch of choices and sometimes there's none, so they need to be more consistent.
The school staff and students mostly support the sports. Many students go to other players games.
More AP classes should be offered, because many students get bored with school. I just think there should be more separation between those who need a challenge and those who need help.
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