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well things that I like is that the teachers really care a lot but thing I would change is our assistant principal because she really dosnt care about your life or anything she always bringing people down and hurting them she always told me I wasn't going to make it in life but I did and I prove her wrong she a really bad person but you have other people at school that will help and that what make other people so great at our school thank you
Hunter Kinard Tyler High School is a school with a lot of potential as well as talent. The sports teams have been doing exceptionally well in the past few years, even the academics are beginning to show improvement. However, there are 2 problems that tend to be quite detrimental to the Trojan's reputation as well as it's students, those problems are a shortage of exposure and funding. The many talented students at my school are very hard working but their work often goes unnoticed. This tends to take away their drive and determination and ultimately causes them to lose interest in their education and personal gain. Funding is also a huge antagonist in this story. Many of the surrounding schools are more technologically advanced which helps their students succeed. Hunter Kinard Tyler often falls behind because of these reasons. Nonetheless, it is a great school with wonderful intentions it just needs the resources to back those intentions.
While I found my experience enjoyable, I think the foreign language and fine arts departments could use an expansion. MOST of the teachers are kind and understanding, and the staff if extremely approachable.
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My experience at H-K-T has been amazing. I have been their my whole life and I will never forget where I cam from. My learning experience has continued to increase as I head to the next level.
I enjoy my school. It is a small learning environment and a great learning school. The teachers here are amazing. They try their best to help you succeed.
Electronic notification system for school-wide emergencies

Random drug dog sweeps

Security cameras

Student IDs required

Faculty/staff IDs required
Student Activities

FBLA - Future Business Leaders of America

Math Club

National Honor Society

Student Council

football team

baseball team

softball team
There is so much I'd do differently, but I think the complication is that some of those 'dead ends' — in terms of both career detours and relationships — directly and indirectly lead to opportunities.

I always imagine the "many worlds" idea of multiple parallel universes accommodating all these branching decisions. Like a Choose Your Own Adventure book that isn't filled with so many "You Have Died" endings; one with almost infinite pages chronicling how every decision you make changes the narrative in completely unique ways.
My school doesn't have clubs to join really and I think they should have more.
My school is okay but it could be better. More classes should be available.
Teachers at my school have a great sense of what they are talking about and genuinely care about the students.
I've been here for ten years, and I'm surrounded by people who arrived at the same time as me. When a student comes to Hunter-Kinard-Tyler, they come to a closely knit family of Trojans who have pride in their school. The overall atmosphere is extremely friendly, and almost everyone gets along with each other.
The school nurse can no longer provide median in our school because of our new health policy.
Our school is very strict when it comes to rules and regulations. Bullying and any type of disrespect is frowned upon there. Ours principal is very friendly, yet stern with the students.
I am currently still in school and have not experienced graduation yet.
Our school is very small with limited options, but the options that are available are great opportunities.
Lunch prices are extreme according to the amount and quality of food.
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No one expects any violence to go on at school, there aren't any metal detectors or searches. The nurse can only call parents.
The administration seems to be too comfortabke with kids, students dont take adminstration seriously
Some teachers are not effective in their teaching styles but many are not willing to change.
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