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I enjoyed all four years of my years at Hunter Huss High School. It is not the newest school, nor the prettiest. However the teachers care for the students, and the traditions of the schools are always fun. Hunter Huss was given a reputation of being a bad school, but once you spend time at the school you realize that it is not true. The school has its flaws, but overall I have enjoyed my time. I have enjoyed being a part of the sports and clubs the school had to offer, and I will be sad to leave it all this upcoming June.
Hunter Huss High School is a very different place, different on many levels. We are mainly African American, and we are judged the most for that in my county. Most people think that we're all not in the right state of mind, which is wrong. I love attending Hunter Huss because there are many of us that are extremely smart, and dedicated to our education. Hunter Huss is a very family oriented place. Every faculty and staff knows every student. They support us with everything we encounter. I honestly think the students should change their behavior so that we can stop getting hatred from the community.
I like how they will help you with college and teaching us how to apply for jobs. The administration is nice and will help you with whatever you need. Hunter huss is a good school but it's up to us students to make it a better school.
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Hunter Huss High School is an excellent school that not only focuses on education but the needs of students too. The staff is awesome, especially with teachers that work diligently with each individual student. The learning environment is great and will help you stay focused. My experience at Hunter Huss makes me feel proud to be a Huskie.
buildings, bathrooms are getting old, could use some remodeling. Over the 4 years things went pretty well, however they didn't notify everyone about senior awards so I missed my senior awards ceremony. Hopefully the band director from this year will stay on. I had 3 different band directors in 4 years.
Hunter Huss was a diverse environment for a High School student. I was extremely evolved in athletics at the school, so I grew very close with different friend groups.
Hunter Huss Alumni 2002. The diversity of the school prepared me for life. The teachers were amazing and were really supportive in both academic and personal ways. You could really go to them for anything you needed and trust that they had your back.
I transferred to Hunter Huss my junior year. The two years I have attended there have been fantastic. The staff was very kind and welcoming, the students were also kind and made me feel comfortable. I don't believe I would change anything.
I would like to see the food change as well as the text books. This school for cockroaches and buds all over the place, or books are falling apart, everything is old.
My experience at Hunter Huss has been great. I've always loved my school. But there's always room for improvement when it comes to things like this. Staff could be more understanding, food could be more edible, etc.
In 2016, I graduated from this school. My experience there has been pretty good. There are some things that I liked about this school. I liked the talent shows, the choir concerts, the business expos, and some of the students that took the time to tutor others, as well as helped the teachers get the classrooms organized. Some things that I would like to see change are some of the teachers need to have better control over their students and when classes are in session, students need to be in the classrooms and not the hallways.
My experience is a typical high school one, my senior year was stressful towards the end. I loved my classes & overall my teachers, they do their best too help you succeed & push you to get your grades up & graduate, for that I'll forever be grateful. The food is not the best but it's healthy " they say", the administratives are stern but are caring .
The school has a lot to offer! The teachers care for the kids education and the rest of the staff want the kids to succeed.
Hunter Huss is not the school people make it out to be. To those on the outside, it looks unstructured, unsafe, and overall a bad place to be. However, this is all untrue. Great things are happening at Huss: our graduation rate is currently around 88%, last year's senior class raised over $6 million in scholarships, our sports teams are very competitive, our new CTE programs are wonderful, and our fines arts programs are flourishing! Being a student myself, I have witnessed firsthand the improvements taking place and am quite excited for the future of our school! Our teachers here are amazing and are always available to help students in need! Overall, Hunter Huss is a great school with an amazing staff helping its students grow and give them a chance to succeed in our contemporary world!
I personally loved Hunter Huss. I loved the teachers and the schooling I get and the overall setting of this school. I loved the sports program and how i got the chance to make my mark on the Soccer and Baseball program. The faculty is great and they do a great job at there job. I have made many great relationships with teachers, some that I didn't even have, and I am glad that i got the chance to meet all of them.
While attending hunter Huss I appreciated the comraddery between my peers. Being a part of the IB program offered at the time made me feel like I was a member of a family. I loved my teachers and how they all offered me different ways to approach a situation. They broadened my outlook on life and really made me think about social injustice and world issues. Hunter Huss wasn't the richest school with the best resources, but it did the best with what it was given. The staff and faculty there really loved what they were doing and really cared about the students. The only thing I would like to see change is the school getting it's IB program back. This program really helped me grow as a person and challenged me in so many ways. It was as demanding as it was rewarding.
I love that Hunter Huss offeres its students the opportunity to take on rigorous IB classes. I also like the diversity of the school and it gives every child the chance to branch out and meet new people. Other than the academics the best thing about Huss is the connections you make with your teachers! They are beyond helpful and they give you life lessons as well. All the staff is there to help you succeed and prosper! Over the past four years I have had the best experience at Hunter Huss and I've grown so much due to the help and knowledge that I've gained from my peers and staff! It was the best school experience ever!
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I love Hunter Huss High School. They have a more active system than any other school I have attended. They have great teachers who do their best for their students and work hard to improve their skills. They help get the students ready for college. Huss have a lot of great teams and extracurricular activities for students to join. They all are to empower, educate and encourage student to do their best and be successful.
I love Hunter Huss High School. Its a great school because the teachers are there to help you when you need. Its also a great school because we have great safety and enough staff to keep kids in line.
Hunter Huss is a pretty great school, the spirit of Huss is beyond amazing I love everything about this school. I would like to see a couple of changes to make a students feel like this is the best school in Gaston County.
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