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I like the traditions of Hunter high it really makes the school enjoyable.One thing I would change about it is upgrading the football stadium.
My school has done very well with helping students and protecting them. However, I would like to see some more diversity. There are a lot of minority students at my school and I think if we had more administrators and police of color it could help ease some tension there is between the students of color and authority figures.
I loved going to school here. Teachers have always been very great and helpful with anything I needed.
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This high school served me very well. My first year was a little nerve racking and scary but as the months went by, I got the sense of tradition and the feeling of family. When is say family I say the wolverine family. I saw the spirit of everybody and noticed how much fun it would be to join in on the fun. By my senior year I got elected as a student body officer and helped to make sure each student had the best high school experience ever, and I am happy to say that my fellow officers and I have accomplished our goal. In conclusion, this school taught me very well, which is to give your new school whether it comes to high school or even college/university a chance to redeem itself to you and you will for sure have a great time.
I liked how many programs were offered, such as GTI. GTI helped me immensely by allowing me to get job experience and be able to work right outside of high school. So I didn’t have to take classes on it in college and could just work without any other hassle. I also liked how the students tried to involve all students in activities, there were no bias against anyone and the encouragement was definitely there when someone wanted to try something new.
I would change how much awareness was brought to certain programs, such as getting your associates degrees while in high school. I wish the staff had told us students more about that so then I could’ve participated before it was too late.
It had a lot of diversity. However, there are not many advanced classes offered at the school. It was a nightmare trying to schedule the classes because it feels like there are too many students and not enough classes.
In my honest opinion, Hunter High was has just been another school to me. What really stuck to me about Hunter is the staff, teachers, and administrators. Throughout my three years of high school at Hunter, the staff, teachers, and administrators were on top of the duties they had not only for themselves but for the students there. If they weren't on top or if they were falling behind, they would find someways to come back from it so they can still stay on top for us students. My experience over at Hunter has been a memorable and one to not forget because of the people that surrounded themselves around me and the people that helped me every step of my high school life.
I really love the school spirit of hunter high school. I myself am on dance company, and have been able to be part of the school spirit all 3 years. The staff is amazing and I really enjoyed going to hunter high school.
My experience at Hunter High School has been an overall average experience. One thing that I loved about my high school is how diverse the community was. There were so many different cultures that further enhanced my perspective of the world. However, there would be some changes that I would like to see take action. These include more student parking, better athletic coaching and programs, and less parking tickets. It is difficult to be on time when there is not enough parking spots for students. This is when we result in parking in unacceptable parking spots primarily to be on time to class. Because of this, students are ticketed multiple times for just trying to be on time to class. Having been a part of an athletic team, there is a need for more updated coaching skills and techniques. By making these changes, the high school would be a much better place for the students and the community surrounding.
I loved the extracurricular so was in. Drama and athletics where my life, and the people in those where like family.
My overall experience at that school wasn't the best but it also want the worst. I had access to great councilors and the social worker, Mrs. Alley, was a really big help as I was going through a lot of issues.
The teachers, for the most part were amazing and really cared about their students well being. There was only two that I had that just didn't work well with me and other students because they didn't care at all.
Other students there did give me a hard time and it was the worst for me my senior year when one teacher allowed his student to go on daily rampages about how the rest of us needed to work harder because our work wasn't even good enough to qualify as exceptional. But I did have amazing friends to help me out whenever I needed them.
The sports department was pretty alright. The coaches pushed us hard to get to where we were by the end and it was an amazing time playing with the other members. I loved it.
This school may not be the best but it is great!
Honestly at first i was scared, i heard so many things about this school when i first started. But in all honesty, this school changed my life. I met so many great people, and there are some really amazing teachers and staff. Although it could have some adjustments, I wouldn’t really change anything, except maybe adding more mirrors in bathrooms, and some thicker toilet paper.
One of my favorite things about Hunter High School is the diversity that is present throughout the school. Most of the students are very kind and often able to lend a hand. The teachers are usually always there to help those in need.
I like Hunter High School. The students get along with teachers. The teachers get along with the students. The faculty is really amazing at keeping the school safe for everyone and everyone. The administration do their best to keep the school in the right environment. The student body officers has made the year one of the best by making dances, fun events for games, and assemblies. But the thing I'd change if I could would be the school spirit at games. I am a cheerleader and its funner to cheer when there is a crowd in the stands cheering also.
Hunter High School was very diverse in everything. In academics, sports, and other types of clubs had all different types of people participating. This made experiences fun and exciting.
My experience is a little bit different than other at Hunter High school. I transferred from Hillcrest High School to Hunter High. I envisioned it more of how it was advertised but I transferred only due to my sister leaving to college and my friends were at Hunter. Although Hunter is lacking on it's academic side, it's school pride is some of the best I have seen. My first assembly rocked me. I didn't realize how many people could love their school so much. I love going to their games because they are full of people. I love all the friendly faces through the halls. The administration is okay. They are some who love to teach, and some that don’t.. However, there are some that lack that desire. Although, just like every human being that breathes and loves on this planet, it also needs some improvement. I don't regret transferring. This school has changed my life for good whether for worse or for better.
There are great teachers although I did encounter a few that were not so easy to get along with.. for the most part the teachers are great at what they do with advanced degrees in their subject. I love the diversity at hunter high and how empowered I feel by the inclusion of everyone.
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The school was built for three grades. There are now four grades attending and getting to classes was a struggle for me at times because there were so many people in the hallways.
I am currently going to Hunter, and most of my teachers seem to care about me getting my education, and continuing with it. I would like to see all of my teachers involved.
Hunter is a nice school, although they do not get as much funding as they should. The lunch sucks, the teachers are weird, and the school overall needs a remodel, and there is mice.
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