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Hungary Creek Middle School Reviews

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This school is terrible, Teachers are rude, students are worst than the teachers and school is a dump that needs to fixed.
Safety is very important in a school setting with over 1,000 kids. the fact that teachers must wear a badge and a police officer patrols the halls at times is a great security precaution that helps ensures the safety of students and teachers alike.
FCCLA was very hands on and interactive with students. Also Choir and band are very popular at Hungary Creek Middle School. My school won many awards in multiple categories when they competed.
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Parents aren't as involved in the school as needed. Their lack of involvement deals with knowledge and the learning aspect of school. During events with the school parents come out to help and support.
The teachers try to help students and curve to their learning styles instead of making the student bend to theirs.
SCA, FCA, Game Club, and FCCLA are the most involved clubs.
Technology is used daily. Tutoring is very common, and all the teachers want to do is help.
I don't have one negative thing to say about this school!
The lunch might not be the best, but there are 10 ladies making food for about 1,000 students; they do a great job.
We all might be diverse, but everybody is accepting and kind towards each other. Kids will be kids, but most of the time we are like a family.
Since it's my last year at HCMS, it's safe to say I have SOO many amazing memories and this school will be greatly missed.
We have a very safe school and I never question my safety.
Our strongest sports teams are guy's basketball, baseball, softball, gymnastics, and track. All sports teams having amazing coaches who dedicate their free time to coaching. Every time I go to a game for any team there is ALWAYS students there to support their friends, and even some teachers & staff!!
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