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Humphreys Junior High School Reviews

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My favorite experiences at this school is the school events and traditions. Older students make the school unique because the are role models and leaders. I wouldn't choose this school again if i could do it all over because facility and staffs say that they take it serious but they make everything hard on students and that what make students not take nothing serious.
There many teachers here but not for all the subject that we need. The classes are scheduled correctly to students for what is needed. The scheduling process is poorly bad. By our school need more teachers from different subjects, every second semester, we are stuck with sub teachers and many students be concerned about grades that are given to us and not what we are learning.
I really think this school is safe enough for the Humphreys County School District. The reason because there are not many bullies within our school. The facility and staff make sure that we are safe from any danger. We also have a security that stays on his task and make it to a fight before one breaks out. The only issue we have is that the school nurse barely in her room. Anytime students are not feeling well, they cannot depend on the school nurse because she is barely available.
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The teachers here at my school are well educated and teaches students their best abilities. Students here are willing to learn but students and teachers don't always agree and the teachers here uses profanities toward students at school. Teachers and students don't communicate well. The teachers are very fair as their grading. If you work hard for your grade, you will get what you makes.
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