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Humphreys County High School Reviews

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The school is in an overall poor state of condition to even teach students. The school is greatly lacking in education, creativity, involvement, and the drive to teach students. This needs serious development and progress.
I would change everything about my school except for my fellow classmates. Nobody in Humphreys County Care.
Humphreys County High School Feels like home. Even though it's so many bad things I can say, I won't say them. I miss our old teachers. The ones who actually cared about us and what we learned and didn't just read the objective to us. Old school teachers who also acted as our second mother at school. I miss the feeling of love throughout the hall way, the feeling of excitement as we used to run to class. I enjoy learning but nowadays it's a lot of distractions inside our school because the new principle never got a chance to know the real us. She went off what others said and didn't give us a chance. Our senior year has been completely awful. Everything we do we do on our own with the help of some teachers and parents. Because of them our senior trip is possible.
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My experience at Humphreys County High School is terrible the staff students and administration. I am a junior at this school. Around this time my teachers should be pushing me for college instead they aren’t. The discipline at this school is ridiculous there is no control of the students they are outrageous.Food is disgusting.
Humphreys County is an ok school, but it can improve tremendously!!! Parents need to be more involved, teachers are needed, and everybody knows each other, so sometimes favoritism can be a problem. The middle school had a terrible principal and they run away some over their teachers.
I experienced a lot at Humphrey's County High School. There aren't enough teachers. Children nowadays have to take summer classes to get a certain credit so they can get promoted. That's a shame! A lot of people are being held back because of this act.
We have a few extracurricular activities and organizations. We should have more. The few that we do have are unorganized.
This is not a good school. The students don't have the proper resources, such as computers and air conditioning. Certain sports don't get recognition. The teachers of the important classes don't do their job.
You have your fair share of good teachers at HCHS. Some's lectures are boring, while others are good but don't happen everyday
many students take part in drub activites
they're could be more variety of extracurricular opportunities
most time some students dont come to school or even drop out because of lack of parent support
some teachers are better then others and most times they do help its just some don't really care if we get a education or not
Its a family first school!
The school is okay more classes are needed thought!
The welfare of this school could be better. The safety policies of this school could progress. Even though there has yet to be an incident to occur, the school and the school district could take precautionary measures to strengthen the personal security of the staff and student body.
The extracurricular opportunities are moderately average. The sports teams, student governments, and marching bands all commit to hard work and dedication. Most students do not participate in such organizations, but the select few that does take the opportunities to their advantage.
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Yes, if I could, I would relive my high school experience all over again. Over the years, my attitude has progressed. I've made the best out of this experience. It may not be the best school, but I love it. I may not feel safe, but I've learned to set aside the negative aspects of a bad situation to not be so bad. This school is very unique because it can be very suprising at times. Survival mode has instilled itself in me and I am very proud.
There are so great teachers that instruct at Humphreys County High School. Their teaching styles and methods can be very engaging to some but it lacks in most. Their attitudes can be a bit overwhelming when destructive students come in the picture. I highly favor most of the staff at HCHS. But the other percentage, I rather not comment upon it.
It's during the homecoming events, parades, coronations and football
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