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Humphreys College Academy of Business Law & Education Reviews

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My experience going here to ABLE was a great one saying from the fact I've been there all my four years. I've recently graduated, and since have been going on and preparing myself for the college life. I feel that this school has everything it has to give students the best high school experience. They have great teachers, and great classes that even teach students how to handle finances for their future. All the staff even the students thereare very nice. The school is growing fast, however, it is still a pretty small school. They provide all the things the students need for there education. This school, is a great school to go to if you want to get a head start in college, and get a lot of help in academics. They have clubs and sports even artistic interest groups. Go Legacy!!!
Humphreys College Academy of Business Law and Education is one of the best schools in the Stockton area. The school uses technology such as laptops to help teach material as well as for storing and submitting school work. This is the best aspect of the school because there is no excuse for not having the resources needed to complete tasks. Another great thing about this school is its small size. There is rarely any drama among the students and there is a lot of involvement from the staff. What I would like to see change is the lack of school spirit. Because the school is small, its easy for the students to call it "boring," when in fact everyone should put in the effort to make it more fun to go to school there. Another thing that I wish would change is the poor quality of school food -- but i'm sure this can apply to any other school. Overall, Humphreys College Academy of Business Law and Education has given me an excellent academic experience.
Even though we are a small high school, there are so many opportunities you are provided with that you can take advantage of if you just keep an out out in the daily bulletins. If you join sports and clubs, you are bound to make more friends and you will probably see those same people in your classes, so it's easy to make friends, honestly. It is super eaay to get along with your teachers as well. ABLE generally does not make you take classes you will not need and focus on academics that will prepare you for college. You receive a lot of help and support in everything.
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The teachers and administration really want to see their students excel. The school makes safety one of their highest priorities. The school lacks a feeling of community and would be improved if school spirit and morale were emphasized more.
I have been at this school for all of my four years and recently graduated. At first I was not happy going here because I like bigger schools and I was leaving all of my friends behind but gradually it grew on me. I started gaining new friends, the teachers were east to talk to and were willing to help, and the atmosphere was welcoming. The fact that everyone knows you just makes it easier to rely on others. I know I will miss my time at Humphreys college of Business Law and Education (ABLE).
It's a great school with very qualified teachers. I graduated with good grades and a fond memory of the school.
I started there during my Sophomore year and for the most part, everything was going well. It is a very small school and does not have many activities to keep students involved, but the college readiness is great! While attending Humphreys College Academy of Business, Law, and Education, you are able to take free college classes at Humphreys College, which is located right across the street.
Bullying was not tolerated, there were always at least two security officers, caring school nurse,
That I know of, there were several clubs at this school including MECHA, Anime Club, Art Club, Music Club, Track Club
The staff genuinely cares about the student body. The foster a family like environment where everyone gets along with everyone and differences are talked over and resolved professionally
The teachers and staff at ABLE are incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely care about their students. In my personal experiences, they go out of their way to help struggling students and are always glad to see you and always greet you not only like a student, but as a friend too.
The teachers are great, the sizes of the classes are great I just love this school
the teachers really know how to slow the way they teach so students understand
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