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Humphrey Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Humphreys high school has a decent teaching staff that is usually willing to help to better your education. However the school does not help all that much with getting into college. This is a problem because most people don't know where to start and need the initial guidance to make the right decisions. Humphreys high school does not make the correct decisions when it comes to hiring coaches for the sports teams. Recently it seems that teachers that want the extra pay get the job over the experienced coaches. This is a problem which results in a poor sports season and a lack of improvement.
I feel that the teachers at Humphrey Public Schools are well educated and know what they are talking about. Since we are such a small school it's difficult not to care for one another and they are very good at communication with the students that attend Humphrey Public.
Everyone feels very safe at school. No school violence.
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Food is food. I am greatfull for any type of food because some people don't get any food all day. We complain too much.
We are required to wear uniforms to increase productivity. Our school has a tight relationship within the students. There is very little to no bullying. Rules are strict, students obey.
We are very intense and committed to our sporting events and weight lifting. We take advantage of all the fitness facilities that Humphrey St. Francis has to offer.
Teachers here are very committed and get to know each and every student on a more personal level than other large school which gives us a better teacher-student understanding.
Small towns lack a variety of clubs and organizations.
The teachers really get that when there is a sporting event they try not to give us very much homework.
When someone new coming into the school the teachers don't accept the students as well as the other kids. Most of the kids accept new people but we have most of the same kinds of people who go there.
They make your realis that you need to start doing things for college but you dont get a lot attention and you get hit hard when you need to start making choices. The guidance counselor does help with informing us on scholarship opportunities.
My school does not deal with very much bullying but when it does happen it doesn't get noticed very much and you fend for yourself.
I would possibly think about going to another school because they don't have many options for students that includes classes and activities. They also don't have amazing teachers and I think I would have rather went to a better school.
My school is pretty safe I feel like they take care of that. People aren't always watching the cameras and I wish they would allow cell phones so that I feel more safe.
The after school options are pretty good we have quite a bit of options but i wish that they offered a few more.
The fan support is very awesome. At every game we always have a big crowd to cheer us on. We come up with themes and cheers for everyone to participate in.
The office staff, guidance counselor, and office staff are very helpful. I don't have to feel scared to ask them of anything. They handle bullying very well. Other policies are standard.
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I love my school. The teachers are very friendly and have made me a better person as a whole. Being a small school, I have the opportunity to know everyone and it make class more personalized. If given the choice to do it all over again, I would!
My school, in the academic department, tends to offer mostly general classes. We have quite a few different selections to choose from though. We have wildlife management, choir, and Spanish along with physics, chemistry, and Advanced Math. We also get to choose whether we juniors and seniors want to take an actual college class through distance learning. The college classes include English Comp, College Algebra, Calculus, and Public Speaking. We have high school versions of those classes but it's nice to have the college classes anyways.
The food in my school's cafeteria, I would have to say, is actually a lot better than some movies depict a school cafeteria to have. People rarely bring their own food unless they have some sort of health issue or just want to save a little money. I would also have to say that the items we can select are generally on the healthier side. Just about every sort of bread we get now is wheat. We are always offered a salad. Vegetables and fruits are also there. My school's cafeteria hasn't always been like this but the change is definitely nice.
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