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I like the small town feel. However, many teachers don't do their job well. A lot shouldn't be qualified. There is hardly any diversity. Rules within the school are ridiculous. A lot of times, based on your family is how you're treated. I would like them to become more open to change and work to improve their teachers.
Hume High School has several good perks as well as some downfalls as a high school. Personally, I enjoyed the small town feel. Having a small class of only 10 allows for you to feel at home and get the best one-on-one experience. The downfall is the convenience due to how far away you are from major towns and stores. For example: the closest gas station is almost 15 minutes away. I have also experienced a bigger high school and an advantage of that was seeing how other schools were in comparison to Hume. Those in the Hume community are very involved within the school and the town as a whole is very family oriented which I find is an advantage to going to Hume. Which means unlike many other schools, Hume isn't as diverse. Many of the students are related, and the staff hardly changes. Which can be an advantage or disadvantaged for some. Hume High School is very into their sports as well as academics.
I have a very good relationship with my school. I am involved with many activities that help me get a chance to look for the college that I most would defenitly go to. My teachers are exellent at teaching all of us to learn more and be more happy about college life and th outside world around each student. Hume High School is fairly small, but gives us lots of opportunities to learn more and be more active out in the real world. When there is hard work there is usually fun, when at the right moments its needed. I am very happy to be in this school and will be sad to see it go my last year. The staff of Hume High School are very good at what to teach the students that would really want to learn.
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This school is pretty safe. They take all major precautions and the school nurse can handle most things. We have no police but one isn't really needed here. There's not really a lot of violence at this school. I feel safe at school.
The teachers are great! They really care about the students and help any way they can. They are nice and you can get a lot of one on one time with each of them.
We have Volleyball, Softball, Basketball and Baseball at our school. We are allowed to go and play for Rich hill for football if anyone wants to. Many students play sports but those who don't only come to home games sometimes. We don't really have a lot of school spirit. Our teams do fairly well but we are no super stars. We have really good coaches who care a lot about each player. Those who play sports here love it.
For being such a small school we have a lot of extracurricular activities for students to participate in. Some of these activities include volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball for sports. Academic and club activities include NHS, FBLA, FCCLA, Science Olympiad, the school play, and Math Relays.
We don't have a lot of clubs and stuff but we do have like Science Olympiad. A lot of kids do it and it seems like a lot of fun. Oh and we also have quiz bowl! Which is a blast!
I like all of my teachers in the school for the most part. Theres only one that i cant stand having cause she knows what shes doing, just just dont know who to teach it to us. Other then that though, i love our teachers.
Our school building is in pretty good condition. Were about to get new bleachers for the gym. The teachers and counselors are great and lots of help.
We have every sport besides like football and soccor. I play volleyball and i love playing for the school and we have a pretty decent coach.
Weve never had any gun or bomb threats. I feel very safe at my school. There are hardly ever any fights or anything like that.
I think the policys are great for this school and that the administration does a great job keeping everything in line.
We have healthy food at our school. But again, its just cafeteria food. Not some olive garden deal. So yeah, its good for school food.
I love this school. I didnt move here till my freshman year and i totally wish i had switched sooner. The students are nice and the teachers are very helpful. Its not like a big school were the teachers dont know your name and theres 1500 kids. Theres 60 of us in highschool so its a very closenit high school and i love that.
We have general classes and one college class you can take. Really at our school you can take whatever you want as long as you have all your credits up to speed.
We are a small school so were all really just friends and no one trys to pressure you into anything. Everyones really good at coming togather and trying to help others.
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I love my school and all the people in it. I will never forget my experience here. I had a lot of fun.
The bathrooms are sort of outdated and our science room could use some more equipment. We also need some newer computers.
Students are put into a different level of study hall based on what grade they have. A's and B's put you in heaven where you can talk with your friends. C's and D's put you in hope where you can do homework or read. F's put you in help where you can only do homework and you are in the class you are failing until you are not failing it anymore.
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