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I am very proud to be a Hume Fogg student. Not a single person at this school shows up, either as a student, a teacher, or an administrator, looking to coast through the day or give the very minimum of effort. Every student tries their best in their academics, working their hardest to network and to conquer difficult challenges. The teachers themselves are genuinely invested in making sure each and every student leaves the building having learned something new. One teacher, Mr. Montenegro, took on the challenge of teaching 175 students at once throughout 7 periods. The high passing rate of that class is a testament to the ability of the teachers and students. Hume Fogg sees challenges and rises to meet them.
I just transferred to Hume-Fogg as a Junior and I love it! It’s amazing to be in the heart of downtown Nashville every day. The students of this school are not only smart, but they are friendly and school spirited! I’m loving it so much.
At hume-fogg, there was a very friendly energy out in the open. Everyone was very welcoming and sweet. Teachers were always there to help you out, even when they were busy with other things, they found the time to help. The students were very welcoming, diverse, and intelligent. Everyone was lovely and offered a different look on things.
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Very poor diversity when it comes to the teachers and very little school spirit. If students had more of a voice for dances and pep rallies then it would be a lot better. The student-government is very closed off and there isn't much oppurtunity for students to have any input if they aren't in it. Dissapointed.
Amazing school. Gives you a broader view of the world. All the teachers are phenomenal. Also, this school gives one a lot of real world experience , and pushes a student to be the best they can be. Gives a student a lot of opportunities that most schools don’t offer to one. Really prepares one for college and life .
I love the teachers there and the type of environment that they create and promote. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Hume-Fogg, especially working in the theater department. The professionalism with which we put on our productions doesn't at all detract from the enormous amount of fun I have putting them together. There however is an apparent lack of diversity and some teachers have certain mindsets of promoting only rigorous academics.
I really enjoy the ability to learn in a advanced pace and be around other students that are like minded in their focus on grades and future. Teachers are open to help you if you are trying for the most part. I would change the food choices and the ability to have more seating in and around the lunch room. I have always had to sit on the floor or run to grab a table early if I was wanting to sit.
Hume Fogg was a pretty good school to go to in order to be prepared for college. The work load was stressful but I know it'll help me in the future in my upcoming college classes. I wish the curriculum could be changed slightly for english classes and have more of the components of the language rather than the analysis aspect of it.
It was a school that really prepared for college. Just as college is essay focused, Hume Fogg is a essay focused high school that prepares you for college
Great School! They do a great job of preparing you for college! I would definitely recommend going to this high school.
As a present student at Hume-Fogg what I have enjoyed and valued the most from this school is the location. With the school being located in downtown Nashville on Broadway it has taught me how to deal with a variety of events and situations in society. From my time at the school it gave me the opportunity to see the real world and be able to experience it at such a young age and learn lessons from it before I am thrown out into these circumstances when I become an adult.
Overall I had an amazing experience at Hume-Fogg. However I think that an increase in security measure would do this school good since it is located downtown.
Academically this school is very challenging but teaches you a lot to prepare you for college. I think that the teachers especailly care about you and teach the best of their capabilities. The downside is that the school itself isn’t as diverse as I would like it to be and also the admistration can be a pain at times. I wish there was free parking for the students and that the school itself wasn’t as stressful.
Hume-Fogg is most likely one of the best schools in the state of Tennessee. Of schools I know in the region, the amount it prepares you for college is second to none. However, if you are looking for a relatively low-stress high-school, or one where you're likely to get a high GPA without trying, look elsewhere, as the experience can leave you with just stress and not much enthusiasm to work.
The teachers and the staff make the enviorment feel very welcoming and the work load truly prepares students for college. The student body is very clique-y but overall very accepting to new people.
Hume-Fogg is a pretty good school, it's mostly the other students that can take away from it. And administration can be a little hypocritical.
Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet School is filled with many bright young minds. Many students are high achieving with plans and goals for their future.
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Hume-Fogg is the only school in downtown Nashville, which creates a school environment like no other. Because it's a magnet school, the kids are from all over Nashville, creating a diverse environment. This means many different perspectives that can be given during class and simply throughout the day with discussions. There's a high pressure to take AP courses and our pass rates are higher than average. This rigor helps us develop important study habits and gets us more college credits, impacting us far into the future. It's a good thing to have a driven student body because it makes everyone have a desire to succeed and actually participate in academics, sports, and clubs. The teachers feed off of this energy and put a lot of effort into their lessons and attention to the students. Although it's a competitive environment to be in, the pressure makes us closer as peers and makes us more likely to succeed.
Hume Fogg offers rigorous academic classes and has qualified teachers who, usually, are amicable and willing to help students learn. It is not as selective as it has been in the past, though, and some quantity of students make minimal effort toward their work; these students are permitted to stay while earning very low grades while gifted students remain on the waiting list.
There are many talented students and great teachers along with many opportunities both academically and outside of school. I would not recommend it for everyone because sometimes, the academic rigor has a bad side effect of making students not see the big picture and assume that their struggle to keep up will severely disable them. Most teachers are good, and there are a few cherry picked not so good teachers. All of them, however, genuinely want the students to do well and care about them.
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