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Humboldt Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Humboldt High School, Ha ha. Where do I even being the food was terrible for one. The teachers, oh lord, some were good others were instigators always trying to bring out the worst in students but its not always the teachers. Honestly I don't miss it, too much drama there, but i do miss my under-classmates some of them are my friends.
I have gone to Humboldt high school for four years and will be graduating this spring. My experiencs at school have been ok but not at all what i expected. I enjoy my art and mechanics classes. Several of my classes are done on computers with little to no teacher involvement. Some teachers and staff are not very supportive of my education or future goals.
I have been going to this school for getting ready to be 4 years. I have never been written up or sent to the office for bad behavior. Never been into a fight. I have had great experiences at Humboldt High School. We won State championship for basketball in 2013. Overall my high school experience has been okay. There's really nothing yo complain about.
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The teachers at Humboldt High are overall a good group of teachers. They put us through an experience of better understanding and developing flexibility. Also helping us reach realistic goals.
The teachers don't take our education seriously
Everyone gets along. Noone is judged about where their from what their skin color is.
They keep students who are using drugs under control.
The extracurricular activities could be better. We don't really have a lot of student or teacher involvement.
I'm from Humboldt, so I know all the people here. We all cut up and have fun cause we are all like family at this point.
The teachers here at Humboldt High School are wonderful. Some go above and beyond but others could care less..
My overall experience at Humboldt High School has been very interesting. I have been here during maany changes, and the school is different every year. I adapted to almost ever change, and I can honestly say that everything has worked out just fine for me. I have enojyed many classes, many extracurricular games, and many activies my four years here.
We don't have a lock on the door , when you first come in the buildings or on the doors .
The menus are not optional and we need more decisions
The school administration is improving a lot
The teachers teach well and are very motivated and interacting with their students
Casa - helping students with ACT scores and homework help






FCLA - Family Career Leaders of America
The teachers are involved in seeing that the students need academic. They go beyond their duty to help students to prepare the future.
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I have been at this school for four years and have not had any problems.
I feel very safe while in classroom.
This school has a variety of heathy foods.
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