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Humboldt High School Reviews

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Humboldt is a great school. I think they should just have more culture nights and things like that so the students can feel more apart of the school.
Humboldt feels like my second home because I been to Humboldt since 7th grade, And I like how we have so many opportunities and there's always be there for you if you ever needed Help. And I like how we have so many different cultures.
I recently graduated from Humboldt high School so I won't be able to see the changes they make. What I did like the most was the diversity between students and the different classes they offered, for example I was always told (prior to going to Humboldt) that classes like Cooking class, Machanic class, and Floral class, we're only in the really rich school's but I was very happy when I found out they had those classes at Humboldt. Also they had multiple language classes you could take, and if they didn't have the language you wanted to take they always had fliers showing a list of places out side of the school you can go to learn the language.
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The experience I have in this school, humboldt is very good. I made some nice friend just in my first year of attending this school and also the teachers are very friendly and wanted the best for you and your education. In all my classes everyone seem to encourage you to do your best and they also look forward to see the best of what you do in class, if you ever get stuck on a problem or a question, the teacher would be happy to help you to understand what you don’t know.
Humboldt may be small school but big opportunities. I like how Humboldt are so diversity. I moved to that school from Texas. I never thought that Humboldt changed my life forever. Teachers and peers are amazing and supportive. Teachers are such caring people, they really cared about student. One of my teachers inspired me to become open mind and confident person. That is one thing I would never thought I would be confident than shyer. Humboldt is a great place to learn and able to grow up what we want to be.
They do have college access program, for example College Possible or Trio. These programs are amazing and It really helps juniors and seniors to be prepared for college and what they need to know before going to College. These programs also help seniors to apply colleges, scholarships and more before seniors goes to college. Honestly, there is nothing about Humboldt but I believe Humboldt will continue whatever they are doing to change better things for future.
Humboldt is a very diverse school. The teachers are there for you and when you need help you can always go to them. I feel like humboldt is a safe school. It's also an environmental school, which is great because we do a lot of outdoor activities. Also, the students there are friendly and they are support one another.
Most of the kids at the school bully others for the sake of a laugh, and when this is brought to the principle's attention, h laughs it off as if it is nothing. The food is terribly bland and taste like nothing. Most of the teachers act as if they don't even want to be there themselves.
Humboldt High School is a Diverse school in Minnesota with teachers that take care of you as their own. I went to this school since 7th grade and I would recommend anyone to go here . It's a big family that welcomes anyone with an open heart . Anyone from any culture is welcome here.
Humboldt High is a very dingy yet accepting place. I found that though the school may not have a lot of spunk in it looks or enough money for valley fair trips. The school had various programs and teachers that make the ambiance bearable. The teachers are what makes the school great, and the programs they offer like JROTC, FFA, NHS, Robotics Club, PSEO and various more. These programs and fauclty make the school more then descent for your child.
Humboldt is a high where I start off in 9th grade. At Humboldt I got the chance to learn new things and experince more serious school work. Also meet new people and learn new things from new friend and teachers.
Humboldt is very diverse. The teachers like to motivate their students and try to help them in the best possible way. There are a lot of encouragements from the teachers for students to do their best.
Being there feels safe. There's no sense of danger from anyone.
Students at Humboldt are open and accepting. There's no peer pressure whatsoever which is a very good thing.
At first I didn't not like humboldt,because I didn't know know anybody but when I started to know my teachers I felt like I belonged there.the was a lot of things in my classes I didn't like but my teacher were so understanding and caring that I even started passing my class especially my math class,thanks to my 11 grade math teacher I still do well even know in my 12 grade math.
What I really like about Humboldt high school is there college readiness program and there economics class. These make me feel very prepared for the next part of life. One thing that needs to be changed is there food because kids won't eat it because it is nasty making it harder to concentrate in school. The last thing I like about Humboldt high school is the diversity and culture. It is so diverse and you will never have one class with just one race and the culture around the school is absolutely amazing. Other kids will do an art work of something that represents there culture and we will get to see it on the wall as we walk to class. Humboldt is a great school and I would defiantly recommend this school to someone who wants to be in a diverse environment.
What I enjoyed about Humboldt is how connected the teachers are with the students. They take the time to communicate and bond with the students to get a better idea of what needs to be done to give them the best education which they deserve.
Humboldt is a small school. It is a great school and there's a lot of program you can join in for free. We have sports and all the couch are really nice. Staff and students are also really nice to one another. I have no problem talking to them or ask them a question. I also can take some of college course during high school such as Nurse assist, CIS algebra, college algebra and more. The experience I have in that school are that I know how to dance hip hop and playing badminton. I gained a lot of experience since I start my junior year in Humboldt. They have college Centre and I can come in when I available to ask for help with college stuff and they will always available for you. They will help you one on one and go through everything you need to get done.There is nothing i want to change about humboldt because it's just great the way it is.
Humboldt is a small high school with a lot of different religions. What I like about this school is that the teachers are nice. They have ESL class for English second learners. Most of the teacher understand you and able to help you with the English level you're on. What i don't like about this school is they need to make it change. We all should speak English because there are too many others language that students speak and it's hard to have coversation with them. Other than that humboldt is great school to go to if you like small school with nice teacher.
The teachers are very supportive of their students. It is a small school with a large number of students walking on the hallways. It is difficult to get to class somwtimes.
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They do a lot of work even some of the teachers are left behind for other classrooms to correct.
The school is very secure and have many security guards and sometimes many polices come to the school.
They teach you what you need to know and they show you what they teach to use that talent in the future.
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