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My experience at Humboldt High School was a normal one. It is a typical small-town high school where everyone knows everyone. I do well at Humboldt and I have no problems with it. I am happy that I attend Humboldt High School.
Humboldt is wonderful for people who want a community feel, and the teachers are really excellent. The only thing I found to be frustrating were the staff members like the old school counceler and the peopel who worked the front office not knowing what they were doing, or beng incredibly rude.
Humboldt High is a good school. Some of the things that happen in our school are not justifiable. They could really work on treating people with respect. We also need to work on the overall experience in high school. A lot of extra stress is shoved onto students which makes our high school experience kind of irritating and stressful.
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It has been a year and a half since I graduated from Humboldt High School and I still remember how much fun I had there. The part of Humboldt High School that I will remember the most is the teachers. They were the best and I loved every single one of my instructors. To this day as a Sophomore in College I still miss every single moment at Humboldt High School that I had. Nothing about Humboldt High School needs to be changed; they are the perfect high school and I wish I could relive my time there.
I really enjoyed the academics. I do wish there would have been more language courses offered.
Not much diversity, pretty much everyone is religious or comes from a religious background. Although, most everyone is accepting.
There are a few basic clubs like FFA and FCCLA and NHS, however there is no NBA. I think there should be more options.
I wouldn't change my experience. Humboldt High has a small town feel, because it is in a very small town. Everyone knows everything about everyone and I loved growing up with the people that I did.
All of the teachers here are extremely personable and willing to help students at whatever cost. They are laid back, yet hardworking at the same time.
my experience at my school has been okay.
Our clothing policies are a little over the top. Boys can not wear any shirts displaying their armpits and the tank tops for the girls must be two fingers wide. Although our principle and counselor both do a great job of staying involved in the activities around the school.
We do not have problems with religious or race.
We are getting new computers this year and here in the next few years they are thinking of building a new school. Our school tries to stay up on the newest and best resources. The facility here is amazing and they work really hard for all of us to get to use the resources to the highest of their ability.
Students are expected to reach greatness while attending there. We have some of the best faculty in the country. We have been rated high in academics in the country and we strive to keep that going. Our teachers do everything they can to help us get ready for our future.
Our school is a very small school so it doesn't have very many clubs. We do have sports and we are good at our sports and our school is getting school spirit again. We are very supported when it comes to extracurricular actives.
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