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Humboldt High School was a great school. I enjoyed everything it could offer me. I learned significantly from the teachers who work here. However, because this school is located in a rural area there was not much variety in classes and resources offered. Still, I enjoyed all of my four years here. I also feel like it prepared me enough for college.
I am so glad I went to Humboldt high school. It is the perfect size for classes. Not a huge school and not tiny either. You get close to your peers and teachers. There is a big emphasis on learning there. The only thing I would change in a better science department. Because I am going into a medical field I feel underprepared due to the science classes taught at Humboldt High School. I feel like some of the teachers don't actually want to be there. Some are phenomenal but for the majority of the others, they need to be replaced or redo their teaching methods.
Humboldt High School is a friendly environment. Unfortunately it's not a big school so it lacks in advanced classes. Academics are not very competitive and clubs and activities are limited. There are few AP classes and not as many sports and extracurricular options as there are in larger schools.
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I very much value my experience and my education at Humboldt high school, most teachers I feel are very good and qualified to not only teach but also help guide the students. While the education at HHS I feel is great, the HHS culture is a very tricky thing to navigate, I often found that all that mattered to a majority students, parents and sometimes teachers, was what your last name was and what that name means within the Humboldt community.
Humboldt is a smaller but comfortable community. The smaller class size makes it easy for me to get to know the other people in my class as well as get help from any of my teachers in any subject. Humboldt offers a variety of classes as well as extracurricular activities from sports to music to theater as well! All of these extracurricular programs are well established and welcome any students who wish to participate. Overall this is a pretty nice school to attend!
The Humboldt High School is a very good school to go to. The faculty, facilities, academics, and activities are all exemplary. The staff throughout the entire school is supportive, wanting the best for each student and individual success. The facilities are great and always improving to better accommodate new activities, growth, and overall satisfaction. The school offers a wide range of classes anywhere from Agriculture to Art to Clothing construction. They also offer a variety of College Courses, AP classes, and college preparatory classes. Throughout the school there are also many extra curricular activities to get involved in. Sports teams are one example; many of the students stay involved on sporting teams. There is also a great music department. Clubs that the school offers range anywhere from Mock Trial to Spanish Club. Overall the school is very well rounded. It is in a nice town, with great people, and a great place to go.
Overall I had a great experience in high school. I was highly involved. Bringing involved helped my high school experience, because it increased my academics, social aspects, and my ability to interact with others.
Humboldt High School offers advanced classes for top performing students to take. HHS is very advanced for its location. For such a small town, this high school is actually very competitive in its academics. As of right now, there is a handful of students in my class of 120 that still have a 4.0. My class has been the only class to be in this situation in my four years of high school that I know of. I think that shows that in this school, students care about their future and are working to achieve outstanding results.
People generally mind their own buissness, but theres a few times you might be a little scared to speak your mind.
Humboldt has a lot going on at all times and sometimes sports take presidency over everything. Teachers help the athletes before the music or art kids in class, because if a athlete is failing they cant play, but if a music student is failing its their faults. Some things like that I dont understand, but that is in rare cases. There are a few students who refuse to follow the rules, and have been suspended many times, vandalized cars, stolen cars, got caught smoking and doing drugs, but the school still allows them to come to school. They stile cars off of school property, and started many fights. There is some favoritism because their guardians happen to be on the school bard. If you expect to have a equal education, dont come to Humboldt.
The teachers vary depending on the subject, science and math teachers get a bad rep because those are the subjects must people struggle with.
My school experience here has not been easy. The school is very full of clicks, especially within the girls and they aren't very fair. I'm don't fit in with some of the girls and that makes school hard. I also think this school is unfair. Some of the teachers pick favorites, and we also have a principle that doesn't keep things private. My high school experience has not been easy. I'm excited to move on to college.
I didn't feel particularly prepared for college after graduation. Though this school is located in a small town, I felt as if it did too much sheltering of its students while also trying to dictate students' lives too much.
There seems to be a lot of conflict between the different sports. For example, I was a member of the Dance Team at this school for all four years, and it seemed as if this was treated as a joke rather than a serious sport or organization. The administration seemed more concerned with football than with anything else.
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At Humboldt you get to pick your own classes. We also do things to help those who don't know what they want to be when they are older. There are many activities someone can be involved in. The activities are diverse also for a range of people. The teachers are also there when students need help with anything.
The food at Humboldt is not very good. It is warm but does not have a good flavor. Also we do not get much food and the food on the salad and fruit bar can be old at times. Although we do get a good amount of time to eat and the timing in the day that we eat is very good timing.
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The principal and teaching staff is very good at following the rules and guidelines set in the handbook. Teachers report those breaking the dress code and they are asked to go home and put on appropriate clothing. Humboldt has a strict attendance policy. Students are allowed nine unexcused absences from a class before they loss credit.
Humboldt High offers many options. When it comes to athletics and music many people from the community come and show support. Also many people from the community make donations to the athletic and music boosters. There are also many possibilities for those who want to be involved with being fit and getting fit like speed training.
Teachers at Humboldt High School try to get involved with students. Teachers try to cater to the students learning styles.
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