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Humble Middle School Reviews

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The school is pretty safe and bullying is not allowed and there are concerns sequences to everythjng
There are plenty of extra curricular actives for students. My favorite was volleyball.
I had a good time made friends each and Max's good grades. I would suggest this school because teachers from my experience card for students success.
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Teachers are very involved with students and will do what they can to make sure students are on the right track.
The teachers at Humble Middle School were okay.
The teachers are excellent. They care about the kids.
Bullying has always been bad at our school. Police where always there to stop fights. School nurses where very rude but you couldn't slip a fake fever on them, they would only send you home if you where REALY sick and throwing up.
A lot of these teachers at HHS where very supportive especially principles and counselors. Most of the teachers where very good at what they did and helping kids with homework and problems. Even our janitors where good there would hardly be any trash in the halls or in classrooms
All the clubs had a wide variety of students. There were always field trips and fun new things to do. It had to be because of the teachers and how devoted to helping the students.
Our school was mainly about football and sports. The coaches are awesome. And if the players weren't doing good the coaches step in and they are very much into discipline.
Most of the teachers where very very amazing there are a handful that shouldn't be teaching. It takes a very strong teacher to teach at HHS. Were no ordinary group of students.
The pep rallies were always fun. The AG department was the best part all in all I had the best most supportive teachers I could have asked for.
There is a lot of race issues the majority is African American and if your not of that race . Then you either have to pretend to like what they like or you have to stand out and be apart an off Standish group.
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