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The International Baccalaureate (IB) program was very helpful in preparing me for college and helped me earn 20+ college credit hours when I entered my college freshman fall semester. It made my high school experience worth it and I recommend everyone who lives near the school to do the IB program. It’s challenging but helps students adapt to what a college class environment would feel like. The teachers are caring and dedicated to helping their students achieve their goals and do well in the future.
My Humble High School experience was like any average high schooler's experience. There were a lot of ups and downs but for the most part I enjoyed being there. I do feel though that the school is a little too worried about dress code and should be more focused on academics.
I had a wonderful time in high school. The work was hard but very easy. Their Athletic programs were good but we never really went anywhere. The teachers there are there to help prepare students for the real world. I became very close to some of my teachers over the past 4 years I attended Humble. One of the things I would like to see change is, the athletic training team gets no recognition. We got 1/4th of a page in the yearbook it was very small, no recognition by the administration, and no recognition with the coaches. At Atascosita High the trainers get to take their pictures with the football team. Lastly, more school participation, pep rallies weren't the best.
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Before graduating at Humble high school I liked how the teachers were really helpful, They focused on the students education and also encouraged the students. Teachers at Humble always kept us safe and the environment was always nice and clean. During school there were always special organizations like spirit fridays before the football or basketball games. During my 4 years at Humble it was never a boring moment, This school is full of spirit and excitement.
I enjoyed my experience, I made new friends and loved all my teachers. Now that I’m a graduate from humble high school, I’m off to college. Humble high school helped me grow as a person which I’m thankful because I’ve learned many life lessons and learned smoothly academically.
There are fights from time to time and some teachers are not the best at teaching the material of their subject, thus causing multiple of their students to fail or get lower grades. I will like to see a change in faculty, too many kids are complaining about not understanding subjects and more than half a class should not be failing because of a teacher's lack of teaching skills.
Humble High School is on a mission to becoming one of the strongest schools in Humble Isd . The school just recently got a new principal, so the school has being doing nothing but improving since she arrived. All of the school activities and programs are starting to become strong competitors as well. I'm proud to say I graduated from Humble High School.
My experience at Humble High School through the past four years have been tremendous. I've been a basketball player for our prestigious program my entire time hear, as we are the only team in the Houston area to have an active streak of making the playoffs; 25 years in a row. All of my teachers have pushed me to exceed my own expectations and limits because they've seen the potential success in me. They also prepare you for a college like environment with all of the tools our principal is investing in to make sure when we graduate, we're ready for the next level. I've never had any problems academically, athletics wise, social wise or safety wise in my four years attending this school. I had the chance to grow up into the young man that I am today through the Grace of God.
I have been at Humble High School for three years and have never had a true problem the security is a bit low which with the recent climate of school shootings is alarming. I think in general overall the school is very diverse and the majority of the teachers try their hardest to help every student. I am enrolled in the IB program in Humble High School and it is challenging and fun, the teachers for the program make sure that the learning experience you get from the program will not be one to forget.
What I like with Humble High School is that it has so many opportunities for better learning. It has an academic team and is very diverse and student friendly
I enjoyed the sense of community and the push for a better future for the students. I do wish there was more involvement in school events.
My experience at Humble High School ,has been average. It's filled with a diversity of clubs that has helped my classmates and I to matur. It's filled with the same cliches group of students. Luckily it isn't as what movies depicts it as picking on people who may seem different. The principal really goes above and beyond to involve herself with the school and try to better it with each day she is there. I would like there to be a bigger focus on the fine art side of the school. Whithin the last 2 years I have been there it's made a progress to make a new appearance. It's a safe environment for any child and there is a group for every individual.
I am currently a highschool sophomore and I transferred from another school in the same district (Kingwood High School). Overall my experience here is pretty good. My grades are much better, I’ve made a bunch of friends, I’m involved in organizations and swimming. Although most of the kids here aren’t what you would expect, I haven’t had a problem. In conclusion, I think humble high school is a good school.
Humble High School is a very diverse school, every color under the sun is welcome there. You can be gay or straight or anything you'd like without judgement from other student or teachers. Being apart of the IB program I find teachers who go above and beyond to ensure I understand the information instead of making sure I make a good grade on the test. However there are a lot of other teachers who seem to only hand out packets and sometimes never stay in the classroom. Such a class is hard to retain actual information even if you are there to try and learn. Overall there may not be much school spirt or effort at humble high school, but it's a good place be able to accept any and all kinds of people.
Teachers always strived to ensure student understood what was being taught to them. The whole school came together to provide grade A information to prepare students when they graduated.
The staff is knowledgeable and cares for their students. The IB program is perfect for those students who are looking for a higher level of education.
The staff seemed to really care about student's education. They also had a great sports programs. We need to improve on school security due to to many fights.
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I like that the teachers care and are able to believe in the students. I hope that in the future they have more technology and engineering programs.
Humble High School was an awesome experience for me. I had the opportunity to meet great teachers in the IB Diploma Program. As well, I made a lot of friends when I was part of the soccer and volleyball team. Everyone at Humble High is humble, which makes it f un to come to school.
I enjoyed the diversity of courses offered. The band program was great and encouraged a lasting understanding and appreciation for music as well as friendship.
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