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I have enjoyed going to Humble Christian School. I transfered to this school in 8th grade and have gone there ever since, and now I am a senior. Going to a smaller school you will have a lot closer relationships to the people in your class. You have no choice otherwise. You see them all day long. You get to make really close friends that you will keep after you graduate high school. At HCS we get a lot more opportunities than public highschools. We get to take more field trips. We do volunteer work to help people and kids in need. You will benefit from a school like this. It has had a big impact on my life
We moved here from out of state. My daughter is getting a much better education at Humble Christian School. They push for excellence and hold the students accountable. The teachers are very caring and want their students to have great success. The administration is excellent. They are very organized and have good communication with the parents. The school offers PTA and has high parent involvement. We are thankful for this Christ centered learning environment.
My experience at Humble Christian School has affected me in many ways. From the beginning, I was welcomed by a loving faculty. It is a very small environment, ranging from k4-12th grade, but that is what makes it a close family. They set standards and morals in their students' school life that can be brought out. There is a great amount of school spirit, including pep-rallies, fundraiser nights, massive support at games, and homecoming week. Education is held as the top priority at Humble Christian. From their developing high school online education to the live classes, there is always a mentor that does a follow up on how the GPA results are changing. The school has taught me to go the extra mile academically and spiritually. Overall, HCS has a remarkable school system that puts their students first. The school is growing and new developments are being made to give their students a high quality education and environment.
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I attended Humble Christian School for 7 years (6th grade - 12th Grade) and I would highly recommend it! The teachers are incredibly helpful and with the classroom ratio being typically 12:1 you get tons of one on one instruction time! If you're looking for a wholesome Christian environment where your child can also get a high quality education, Humble Christian School is the place for you!
I have gone to Humble Christian School for seven years. I think that this school has caused a very positive impact on my life. I am able to talk with faculty whenever I have a problem or am concerned with anything. I think that over the years the standard of our school has decreased but hopefully this will not be detrimental to the school.
I have gone to Humble Christian School for almost 7 years now. I am currently a Senior. I think that this school has some improvements to be made but I do not know where I would be without the school and staff.
Has a good environment with people you can get along with. Not the perfect school but it gets the job done.
The sports at the school are typically pretty fun. Volleyball, cheerleading, and basketball are all very fun and exciting. Football is also. However, the football at our school is flag football. There is nothing wrong with flag football, it is just that a lot of people would prefer tackle football. Unfortunately the insurance for that is pretty high for our school. Knowing that our school is limited on what it can do, I try not to harshly criticize, but it would be really nice if we could add a few sports. I would love to add a swim team and a soccer or baseball team. I know that other students vouch for the same. The problem with that though is finding coaches who know what they are doing in those sports. Also, we would need to find a place to practice and hold meets or games for those particular sports.
Because Humble Christian is a small private school, with grades ranging from Pre-K all the way through High School, experiences are different for it's attending students than for a student going to a local public school. When I was in fifth and sixth grade, I was quickly losing a liking for my school. I felt like the bigger, nicer public schools would be way better. Many times I would be bored with simply sitting in a classroom and doing school work all day. Essentially, there just was not enough going on at the school for me to like it and enjoy it. Thankfully, when I reached seventh grade, that all changed. Seventh through 12th grade are together in one hallway. At this level, students have lockers and get to choose classes and get to leave early for school events. My favorite event is retreat! All high school students are required to attend retreat, which is basically like a church camp. We go off campus for a week to a camp bond and make many fun memories. Beyond that, people in different grades get to intermingle and develop relationships. Some of my best friends have been from grades outside of my own. Also, teachers and students both grow a love and a care for each other. Since the school is so small, most everyone knows, well, everyone! It is one big family!
Overall, the teachers at Humble Christian School are phenomenal. Lessons are well taught and organized, and after-school tutorials are readily available. One of my favorite things about my teachers is that all of them, not some, but all of them are there for you. As a student, I feel comfortable going up to them and talking about essentially anything! If I'm having troubles with a guy, or if I have just received the summer job of my dream, they are interested! It is amazing how all the teachers truly care about what is going on in their students' lives, whether that be academic, social, or spiritual.
Health and safety policies are strict, but for a good purpose. The school makes good efforts to demote bad practices like bullying as well as making sure they are safe.
Extracurricular opportunities offer the chance to become more socially active. Would definitely recommend taking one.
While the school has some minor faults, it's a great place for both learning and being social.
The teachers care about their students and make exceptional efforts to make sure they do well in class.
The school was okay. The class sizes where small so there was a lot of one on one time with the teacher. This was a good and a bad thing. A few teachers had a habit of getting into your personal business. I did have the best history teacher there though. I learned so much from her. Overall, it was an okay school.
Policy against danger is strict.
Administration is quick to react to issues within the school.
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Different behaviors at the school, but everyone gets along.
Teachers are excellent if you get to know them.
Extracurricular activities are available to those who are looking for them. They are also very fun to attend.
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