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Humansville High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed my time at Humansville, being able to meet new friends and exchange students is always interesting and fun. The teachers are great and I have learned so much going to school there. There is always a nice atmosphere at the school and I would recommend it to anyone.
The academics are okay. I wish they offered more classe, but the teachers do their job well.
The teachers are one of the best things about this school. They are all devoted to helping you achieve your goals and doing the best you can at everything. They are always involved and suppourtive.
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It is always hard to find parking because there is only one parking lot very close to school doors. Material wise it is usually pretty easy to check things out and take them home for homework. There is buses that go by every hosue and many teachers are devoted to helping with college prep.
I would not want to trade schools for anything. I love going to a school where I know every one. All the teachers know you personally and do what they can to help you. It is a wonderful places to be.
The administration here takes all kinds of harrassment, bullying, dress code seriously. Any think that is denyed to us by the handbook is also inforced very well. In minor cases such as dress code the student may just be asked to change, but anything else is taken very seriously.
Our school has many extracurricular opportunities and organizations. For the amount of students that we have in our school, anymore organizations might be to many. We have many students that participate and enjoy the organizations and the activities put on by them
There arent many options for lunch. They make one meal and that is what you eat. If you don't like it you are out of luck. There is more compliants about food than any other part of the school.
The school is always doing its best to make sure the students are safe. The students here feel safe not only from outsiders but around each other also.
We have a few options for sports, but not not many. We also don't have any outstnading teams because in the past all of the talented althletes left and the ones that recieved no experience were left to play.
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