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The academics were fine, I’d say some teachers genuinely cared, but the environment among students was toxic. They’re all selfish and disgusting people. Cruel.
I didn't like the school when I first entered freshman year but now as a rising junior, I can really appreciate the staff and students. Its very inclusive, we have walk outs, sit in, we have dyads and talks that mean something to us, and we get to call teachers by their first names. Our school really pays attention to peoples mental health, their opinions and their overall well being. We don't take regents, only the English one junior year. We take psats/sats. We take PBATs. Our school offers programs like College Now programs, at Cooper Union, at Colombia, and other. All the kids are funny and have very distinct and interesting personalities.
Humanities Preparatory Academy is not your tradition New York City high school, it's small and a PBAT based school. When I say PBAT, it means Humanities Prep does not take regents, except the english one, and each student has to write a research paper for each main subject; english, math, history and science. Along with the research paper the student has to present it to a panel of teachers and have to pass with a grade higher than a 2. I found this process so helpful and amazing because it prepared me for college by improving my critical thinking, writing, reading and researching skills. As for the school's environment itself, it was wonderful because it creates a sense of family. However, when there is a big argument students are placed through a process called fairness. Fairness is when the two parties are placed in a room with a mediator and help resolve the issue.
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I really appreciate that you can truly express yourself at this school. Also being able to speak to your teachers and actually build a good relationship with your teachers is really helpful for your academic career while at this school. There is many clubs to join that can bring you other opportunities such as trips and meeting authors of books you read.
My experience at Humanities Preparatory Academy has been decent. It has a very strong community and it is very diverse. Students and teachers have more of a partnership rather then a hierarchy relationship which is always beneficial to the community. We also practice restorative justice programs.
I’ve had a great time at humanities Preparatory academy. They’ve given me opportunities in order to start my computer science career track early. I’ve been able to be an intern at Ernst & Young and participate in CS showcases. The teachers here are amazing. My job at with the CS4ALL team has stemmed through my math and CS teacher.
Good school and good teachers but more sports and clubs must be added. My experience in this school was mad lit.
Since I’ve been going to HPA, I’m proud to say that I’m a student that attends the school. Teachers value their students very much and the environment is inviting and friendly.
There are several extra curricular activities. They are all fun and engaging. They could always be more structured but other than that, its great.
This school is unique, it is very supportive of LGBT people. They have a GSA. Its a small community, enough for everyone to build strong bonds with each other.
Teachers are available for students. They love to make class engaging and intereting. We hace lots of discussions in class. Our teachers strive to make each student better.
The security in my school building tries to keep all the schools safe in the building. In my school you have to solve any problems you have with a kid in the school with mediation session with the two students in conflict.
In this school they have music club, student counsel, coffee house, fitness club, dance, robotics and etc. This school always tells their students about other programs outside of the school internships, college now, and volunteer work.
This school is a great school because it prepares you for college. All the essays they assign and these Pbats we have to do in junior and senior year really helps us out with that. All the teachers have time to work with you individually and it helps the students when they need to bring grades up or help in general.
The school has a clinic that is acessible to any student in the school and also weekly health lessons offered to students. The security guards are close to the students and are always following protocol and making sure the school is safe.
There aren't a lot of activities offered in the school but the does a great job with partnering with other organizations to get student into after school programs. The school recognizes the importance of these organizations therefore giving access to free organizations that any student can join. The school also has clubs that anyone can join such as student council, poetry club, music club and robotics. Many of the teachers lead the club or even join the club which just shows how engaged they are with the student body.
All the teachers at my school all take great interest in what they are teaching which make students feel more connected and engaged in the classroom. Every teacher is an expert in what they are teaching and never hesitant to help. I always find the lessons very intriguing and unique where I can apply it to real life and in college. The teachers have studens call them by their first name and take their time to get to know each student on a personal level as well as an academic level.
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Humanities Prepatory Academy is the best school to go to if you want to experience diversity, independence and teachers who are authentic and genuinely care about you. I love prep. Prep has help me transform into a independent individual and has open my eyes to others that are different from me, appearance wise, gender or having different views. Humanities Prep was the best choice for me and I appreciate going to school to see my teachers each and every day. It is such a pleasure.
The classes are very interesting and engaging. My teachers pick topics that they know students can debate about and have different opinions about.
They security guards are always around, roaming the halls, in the stair case and the bathroom. They make sure no unwanted guess enters the building and they are first to break up any fights that may occur.
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