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I met some of my best friends at this school and have learned a lot, though I would like for the school to not be so disorganized.
Humanities and art or better known as Harts is a great school. It has so much diversity. People there are so kind and nice. Everyone there will make you feel accepted. If I had to change something about the school it would be the food. They could improve the food a little bit.
The school needs better teachers and better programs to prepare you for college. I graduated in 2016 and was fortunate enough to go to a four year after my graduation, but when I enrolled in college I soon realized after my first day that my high school did not prepare me for college. They need better teachers that don't just pass students through but challenge them instead.
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As a student at Humanities and Arts Academy of Los Angeles I am encouraged to be myself in a safe environment with teachers and faculty that genuinely have my best interests at heart. My experience has been nothing short of incredible with a lot of support to push me to do my best and get involved in many extracurricular activities and school functions or clubs. The only things I would like to see change at Humanities and Arts Academy of Los Angeles would be the food because the food is composed of poor quality foods and for our access to technology to be improved due to our lack of technology.
Since HArts Academy is a fairly new school, to had a pretty rough beginning. However once things began to settle, HArts became an amazing experience. The amount of students attending HArts is rather low, so you get a very comfortable and close knit experience with all faculty and staff, not to mention all the shows and plays put on by HArts are great.
My experience at HArts has been amazing. There is diversity in the school and all students learn about the cultures when we have our Annual Multi Cultural Show. I believe this is what makes the school special. Also, the teachers are very supportive and give us lessons about life here and there when it is needed. Since we share campus with Narbonne High School we evolved their students for Best of Broadway, which is a show about shows that have been in Broadway before.
Is a school full of teachers that care and try's to give students a college type gives students the opportunity to know what it's like having to rely on themselves to get to class on time
It is for some kids who want to make something of themselves.
Some teachers are better than others. They all have their own way of teaching.
extracurricular acivities continue to grow with the school
Best decision I ever made.
Amazing teachers, very friendly and helpful in and outside of the classroom.
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