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Humanities & Sciences Academy Arizona Reviews

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I Love this School. This school has helped me accomplish one of my main goals in life, to be able to finish high school. The administration at Humanities and Sciences is the best. They helped pushed me to stay focused on my school work, they were able to work around my schedule. They pushed me so much that I was able to finish high school a year early! I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
The school didn't have any.
The teachers at the school are awesome! they help you understand better something that you may not have really known. The teachers there have been there for a while so they know what their doing. They helped keep me focused on the work I was doing.
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There is no extra curicular activities. All academics. Thats one part of this school i dislike.
The academics are fast pase and you have to be able to l;earn the material very quickly. You go at your own pace but the faster and quicker you learn, the faster you graduate and move on with your life.
There is no food served at this school. You have to finish your work and then leave in order to get some food. You have to buy it and they dont offer any meal plans.
Its a charter school, so it is all Academics. there is no clubs or sports.
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