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Humanities & Leadership Development High School Reviews

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Very good school, teachers and administrator are interested in student learning. Has many clubs and sport teams that offer student different activities to get involved in the school and support it. They try their best to get you ready for college and make sure that your transition into college goes as smooth as possible.
HLD has a great community of students where you can have fun without that being a distraction for your learning since also its teachers are amazing. They know how to approach you in almost every possible way and make sure nobody is being left behind.
There are a lot of option for you to take advantage of.
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If I could do it all over I'd still choise HLD because it's a good place, with great people and amazing teachers. The high school is so diverse you can find almost everything in there and the classes are just perfect.
I really like the teachers that I have, they are always taking care of us and how we're doing in all our classes. They are so nice, as long you're showing that you do care about getting a good score and work during class and if you're not, they'll convince you to try and they are always there when you need them. Also, whatever the dude or the questions you come with the always know what to say and if they don't they won't stop until they explain you and they are really sure you're learning what you're suppose to learn. They have very good skills and an amazing knowledge of what they're teaching.
Over all because of the community our school is in, the security is great. The school nurses could be a little more better and more approachable. But I personally think our school is safe and we do practice safety procedures often.
We have a very good art, newspaper, and student counseling that many students take part in. Our art club teams up with art centers outside of our schools to help us go far with our talents.
This school is very good with coordinating PTO meetings and other meetings involving students and parents.What makes it unique is how we are all literally one big diverse family. Every student interacts with each other and we've known each other well for over the last four years. If I could do it all over again I would, because I've had a great experience with the teachers, the events, the student body, and what they've taught me in the classes I've taken.
The teachers at the Humanities and Leadership Development all develop a type of connection with the students. They're each individually very approachable and dedicate their time greatly for those who need it. They care about each students grades to a certain extent, meaning those who care about the work they're handing in and those who don't care about not handing in their work in order to get good grades. But apart from that, the teachers are very good staff members and I personally am glad about the ones I've had over the last four years.
I would choose a different school if I had a chance. The staff and students is like a family but the education here is horrible.
I attended one high school prior to this one for a few months before transferring over, and I can honestly say without the slightest of doubts that my high school experience could not have been any better anywhere else.
good food, but with long lines
following the rules will not get you in trouble, not following or making your own will
Nice, like to teach, help struggling students
My overall experience of this school was amazing. I never wanted to transfer out of the school. The staff there are great. They try to help as many students as they can, when they have time. I still go back, and have conversations with most of the staff and they talk to me as if I was still attending.
The school cafeteria is not the best in the world, but it contains enough to feed the students at least once. The food isn't that great sometimes, but they try their best to have a variety of choices for the students. On the lower cafeteria they have five entrances where you can choose from two different types of meals, sometimes three.
I feel like Lawrence High School is a strict school when it comes to students breaking the rules. The school is great with the disciplinary actions. They even have an automated calling machine to call parents when a student has been absent for a certain amount of time.
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The school's athletic facilities aren't the best out there, but they're enough to have complete teams.
The extrecurricular activities of Lawrence High School in general are very helpful for the students who participate. The sports are fantastic, and the coaches do a great job at teaching the students how to play them. They also try to give students more chances of joining sports, and so do staff for other extracurricular activities such as Upward Bound, Stand and Deliver, and Raytheon.
At Lawrence HLD High School, I learned a lot about leadership and knowing what I want to be in life. I feel like they prepared me for college, and real life. The teachers were inspirational, and I felt like they all cared about. I have gone back many times to the school and they have welcomed me with the same smile that they did when I was in high school.
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